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  • Stress Relievers: Elevate Your Energy with Oxygen Plus

    Stress Relievers: Elevate Your Energy with Oxygen PlusPDF Version

    A-List Diet & Fitness

    Exhausted? In need of quick clean energy? If you are still relying on protein bars and/or energy drinks to get through your workouts or even to relieve gnawing stressful feelings Oxygen Plus (O+) is definitely for you.»

    Oxygen Plus (O+) is a portable recreational oxygen that provides the purest form of energy to wellness-minded individuals worldwide. Out of a need to combat poor air quality, which plagues many Americans today, Oxygen Plus was developed to provide a healthy alternative. The natural properties and benefits of oxygen have been made accessible through this unique and innovative product line, which offers 95% pure oxygen — in an environmentally-thoughtful canister that is quality-controlled and filled in the USA.

    Oxygen Plus Benefits

    • Oxygen Plus can diminish exposure to polluted and stale air
    • Oxygen Plus offers a healthy solution to individuals who suffer from fatigue and tiredness caused by lower than normal oxygen levels in the body, as well as healthy individuals who maintain active lifestyles
    • Oxygen Plus can help improve cognitive performance, including memory and reaction time
    • Oxygen Plus can help increase mental clarity and alertness
    • Oxygen Plus can help decrease stress levels
    • Oxygen Plus can help increase stamina and help to optimize athletic performance
    • Oxygen Plus can help your body recuperate after vigorous exercise and enable muscles to recover faster from fatigue
    • Oxygen Plus can help offset the effects of altitude, helping your mind stay sharp and your body energized, like it’s at sea level
    • Oxygen Plus can help alleviate the effects of jet lag and restores the your body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal levels after long flights
    • Oxygen Plus can help combat some of the negative effects related to alcohol consumption

    Oxygen Plus products are available as: the O+ Mini canister (offers 24+ breaths of oxygen), O+ Skinni canister (offers 50+ breaths of oxygen) and the O+ Elevate Pack, which includes the reusable O-Stick shell and (2) starter refills – each offering more than 50 breaths of oxygen. Each product can also be purchased in a variety of flavors including: Natural, Peppermint, and Pink Grapefruit. All are accessible online at www.oxygenplus.com

  • Stuff We Love – Summer 2015

    Stuff We Love – Summer 2015PDF Version

    Real Health by Kate Ferguson

    A round-up of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent. »

    Oxygen Plus O+ Skinni (3-pack, $35.97)

    Press a button on the canister to inhale 95 percent pure oxygen for increased alertness, mental clarity, cognitive performance and recuperation after intense physical activity. oxygenplus.com

  • Operation Festival Season:  #3 Survival

    Operation Festival Season: #3 SurvivalPDF Version

    The Hype Magazine by Daja Marie Greer Wilkerson

    #3 Survival: Seriously these are some great things to have but if you need a medic…go get one immediately. If you are in the midst of a huge crowd and in need of some extra oxygen, start here. If you seriously need some oxygen, well common sense is what you will need to get a medic. This is handy because it not only tastes good but if its smokey and you can’t get away right away, you have some fresh air. Just call it a safe, healthy energy boost. »

  • 360 Approved: 5 Products That Will Boost Your Workout Regime

    360 Approved: 5 Products That Will Boost Your Workout RegimePDF Version

    DUNK by Keenan Higgins

    It’s not always as easy as “inhale, exhale” to catch your breath in between sets. The interesting technology behind Oxygen Plus gives you an instant boost of energy, increase in alertness and will even alleviate the effects of an intense exercise — all with a few puffs from an oxygen canister. »

  • Oxygen Plus – A Breath of Fresh Air…Literally.

    Oxygen Plus – A Breath of Fresh Air…Literally.PDF Version

    Women and Their Pretties by Joyce Duboise

    Oxygen Plus was created by two sisters with a dream of making the world a better place to live and breathe in. When I first learned about this product I thought, “Umm…okay? I don’t see the point.” After doing some research, I learned about how polluted our air really is. It’s such a shame, really. The Oxygen Plus products provide you with 4 times the oxygen than the polluted air we breathe does. They have a ton of different canisters for different occasions. They give you a boost in energy, a breath of (really) fresh air, and a whole new feeling that is hard to get on your own. They are completely healthy and safe for you. You can take a shot through the mouth or nose. »

    I received a few of the O+ minis to test and review. I was very skeptical at first. I didn’t want to inhale something without knowing the side effects. Well, there are no side effects, so you can use it whenever and wherever you choose. I cannot recommend this for any specific events or activities because it can be used for a quick boost anywhere. I use mine before going on a nice walk and before blogging. It keeps me awake, alert, and ready to conquer anything!

    Purchase Oxygen Plus Here www.OxygenPlus.com

    Connect on Social media: Facebook / Twitter

  • National Stress Awareness Month: 15 Calming Tips & Products To Try

    National Stress Awareness Month: 15 Calming Tips & Products To TryPDF Version

    Styleblazer.com by Courtney Leiva

    Giving you some extra air fast, this natural oxygen canister ($23.97-$287.95) helps you lower your stress levels, while increasing your oxygen intake. »

  • O+ Oxygen Canisters: Gear of the Year

    O+ Oxygen Canisters: Gear of the YearPDF Version

    Utah Adventure Journal Winter

    I spent a week at the beach last February, and when I came back, promptly went on a tour where I was left huffing on the skintrack while my friends blazed away. I then understood the quick feelings of fatigue that can accompany a rapid change in altitude, even after being away a short time. I was a bit skeptical when these canisters of oxygen enriched air showed up, but figured I’d give it a try. »

    Starting early, I blazed on a hike this fall up 5000 vertical feet, pushing to my max the whole way. At the summit, my head swirled as I gasped, and my head developed that slight headache sensation.

    I took a few hits off of the bottle: my headache disappeared, I could feel my heart rate drop, and I was able to relax. I don’t know if it was the product, but it sure felt like it gave me the added boost of breath I was looking for. It might be invaluable this winter when the inversion sets in. I’m going to keep a bottle on hand and give it a try. $35 for 3 8-12 use canisters. Oxygenplus.com

  • Fit for the New Year: Breathe In, Breathe Out

    Fit for the New Year: Breathe In, Breathe OutPDF Version

    Max Sports & Fitness

    Give your over-exerted body a break during your next workout with Oxygen Plus, a cult fave among celebrity and professional athletes. The lightweight portable canister holds 95 percent pure oxygen, great for relieving tired muscles and lungs that have been working overtime. »

    Starting at $35.99 and up at Oxygenplus.com

  • Hot Products: Oxygen Plus | Prevent Altitude Sickness

    Hot Products: Oxygen Plus | Prevent Altitude SicknessPDF Version

    American Snowmobiler

    Prevent altitude sickness when riding in the mountains with Oxygen Plus. These lightweight canisters contain 95 percent pure oxygen. It allows users to simply increase their oxygen intake by pressing the nozzle. It will offset altitude effects including dizziness, fatigue and headaches. Cost ranges from $23-$69 depending on size and flavoring of pack. More info: shop.oxygenplus.com. »

  • You can now buy Oxygen in a can for daily performance!

    You can now buy Oxygen in a can for daily performance!PDF Version


    You heard right. You can now buy Oxygen in a can! Two sisters that wanted to make the world a healthier place to live and breathe. This ground breaking product is good for long days, Short nights, Overworked, Under stress, Staying up too late, Getting up too early, Too little rest, Lack of exercise, Poor air quality, Jet lag, Altitude, Boredom, Head in mud, and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON!»

    Restore and refresh without the side effects. Let us remind you that there are No calories. No carbs. No caffeine. No crash. Oxygen Plus (O+) portable, recreational oxygen is here for you – anytime you need a lift.

    Breathe O+ oxygen to:

    – Combat the symptoms and clear the fog of alcohol consumption after a big night out.
    – Discover a natural alternative to caffeine.
    – Inhale something that legally – and stylishly – gives a boost as you paint the town red.

    Calling all fighters and athletes! Elevate your game with a bottle of Oxygen Plus right now by visiting their official Canadian website here: http://www.oxygenplus.ca/

  • 2014 MorningMoss Holiday Gear Guide

    2014 MorningMoss Holiday Gear GuidePDF Version

    Morning Moss | MorningMoss.com

    Sometimes hunting can be tough on your lungs and brain. If you don’t want to slug coffee down all day, or want a little pick me up, try this mini canister from Oxygen Plus. The little oxygen blast will give you a clearer head, more energy and better focus while in the stand. Read the full Oxygen Plus Review here and buy yours on their site. »

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Oxygen Plus (O+)

    Holiday Gift Guide: Oxygen Plus (O+)PDF Version

    Arizona Health & Living

    The holiday season can leave us feeling tired and completely spent. There’s the option of turning to coffee or quick fix energy drinks, but we all know binging on caffeine isn’t the healthiest choice. This Holiday season give your body a natural and effective energy boost of pure, natural oxygen. Oxygen Plus (O+) has developed a line of portable, recreational oxygen that provides enriched air to help you enjoy all your holiday festivities. With light-weight canisters, you can inhale three to five breaths of 95% pure oxygen at any time during the day to get a boost of energy, reduce shopping stress, and help you focus on what is really important. »

  • Blue Ridge Outdoors Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiast

    Blue Ridge Outdoors Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas For The Outdoor EnthusiastPDF Version

    Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

    Don’t let high altitudes make your lungs angry. Oxygen Plus gives you the priceless gift of easy breathing, from base camp to the summit. Portable O+ Oxygen Containers store 95% pure oxygen in a variety of sizes to suit whatever heights and journeys call your name. The O+ Mini holds 24 full breaths in a mere 1.5 ounces, while the Skinni fits 50 in a “tall and trim” 8 inches and the Elevate Pack offers reusable refills. With these three styles to choose from a flavors ranging from Natural to Peppermint to tangy Grapefruit, Oxygen Plus has you covered. »

  • Gift Guide for the Gym Guy: Oxygen Plus Portable Canisters

    Gift Guide for the Gym Guy: Oxygen Plus Portable CanistersPDF Version


    We have always taken the holistic approach to men’s lifestyle at Style.No.Chaser, and for our gift guides, we are continuing with this approach. We’ve done features in the past about battling the winter weight wars (see it here), and the items we are suggesting below are chosen to help you stay in lean fighting shape – even during the colder months of the year. So without further ado, check out the different products below: »

    Oxygen Plus Portable Canisters:

    The bottom line is this; to operate at peak performance, you need have the energy to go the distance. The cells in a human body create the essential energy the body needs to function, and oxygen is vital to this biochemical process. The company Oxygen Plus offers a portable and effective product that contains 95% oxygen. It’s a boost of pure goodness that will help you get your pep back whether you are in the gym, slugging it out at the mall, on a mile-long outdoors run or battling the doldrums at the office.

  • Simple Solutions: Oxygen PlusPDF Version

    Natural Solutions Magazine

    Each canister of O+ contains 95% pure oxygen – which is more than four times the amount found in unpolluted, everyday air. Breathe deeply to revitalize sluggish senses, boost energy, and increase mental clarity. // oxygenplus.com»

  • Oxygen+ : Peppermint Revitalizing Oxygen

    Oxygen+ : Peppermint Revitalizing OxygenPDF Version

    Steez Magazine 
  • Oxygen + Revitalizing Oxygen Review

    Oxygen + Revitalizing Oxygen ReviewPDF Version

    Morning Moss | MorningMoss.com

    Hiking in the mountains at higher elevations can be tough for those of us who aren’t used to it. Hiking in the snow can be tough for anyone. Recently, I had the chance to try out the Oxygen Plus peppermint revitalizing oxygen while out hiking and it really helped. The company makes a full line of products that you can find here and they can be a lifesaver on a tough drag out, long hike, or simply after a stressful day of work.»

    Portable Oxygen to Increase Alertness

    Oxygen Plus is a natural alternative to things like caffeine and it can help give you more energy and increase alertness. These are two things that I want the most of when on a hunt, especially a physically taxing one. Popping a canister of Oxygen Plus in my bag can be just what I need to get out of a mid-morning slump and get some oxygen pumping back through my body.

    Eliminate Fatigue with Oxygen Plus

    Fatigue can creep up on you and if you don’t want to slug coffee or soda all day, this may be the trick. Check out their full line of products here and see more MorningMoss Product Reviews on our site.

  • European Car: Oxygen Plus

    European Car: Oxygen PlusPDF Version

    European Car | SuperStreetOnline.com

    At last, a chance to find out if love is like oxygen, or if oxygen is like love. A refreshing burst of 95-percent-pure oh-two comes from this aerosol can. Perfect for those times when energy levels are low, traffic levels are high, and you don’t want to look like that psychotic Dennis Hopper character in Blue Velvet. »

    From $23.97 for a mini three-pack


  • Oxygen Plus and FlipGive Fundraising Partnership Elevates Schools and Sports Across North America

    Oxygen Plus and FlipGive Fundraising Partnership Elevates Schools and Sports Across North AmericaPDF Version

    PR Web

    Oxygen Plus (O+), a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable, recreational oxygen for wellness-minded people worldwide, today announced a partnership with FlipGive, a web-based fundraising platform that combines the convenience of online shopping with online fundraising. Over the past 6 years, FlipGive has helped individuals and corporations across North America raise over $20 million for grassroots and charitable causes.»

    Oxygen Plus’s flagship product, the O+ Elevate Pack, will elevate schools, sports groups and local communities across North America as FlipGive’s newest offering. Whether it’s a hockey player raising money for new sports equipment, or a debate team student raising funds for travel, FlipGive fundraisers will earn $10 for their cause every time their supporters purchase an O+ Elevate Pack. Supporters receive an eVoucher from FlipGive.com or FlipGive.ca, which they redeem from Oxygen Plus’s website (OxygenPlus.com or OxygenPlus.ca).

    Designed for healthy, active individuals of all ages*, Oxygen Plus’s active ingredient is 95% pure recreational oxygen, which is four times the amount of oxygen found in unpolluted, everyday air. Christine Warren, Oxygen Plus Founder, explains, “Olympic and professional athletes train and perform with supplemental oxygen to improve performance and speed up their recovery time between workouts(1). Our partnership with FlipGive is groundbreaking because it gives students and their families this same accessibility to oxygen that athletes have had for years.”

    According to experts, sports science reveals that breathing supplemental oxygen helps to increase one’s energy levels, improve performance and reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the body. In addition to physical benefits, cognitive benefits of increasing oxygen intake include mental clarity and focus as well as improved reaction and recall time(2).

    The excitement in teaming up with Oxygen Plus is shared by FlipGive’s CEO, Steve Croth. “Now athletes across North America can enhance their performance on and off the field simultaneously. By purchasing Oxygen Plus products, athletes fund the sport they love.”

    To learn more about fundraising on FlipGive, watch the “How It Works” video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/6EdjqFhB8xE.

    Elevating from their worldwide headquarters in Minnetonka, MN, U.S.A., Oxygen Plus, Inc. (O+) is leading the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable, recreational oxygen for wellness-minded persons worldwide. Elegant in style and available in a variety of refreshing flavors, O+ oxygen products offer the most oxygen per can volume than any other lightweight, recreational canned oxygen of comparable size on the market. The active ingredient is 95% pure oxygen. Just a few breaths helps revitalize, boost energy, increase alertness and mental clarity, and helps to alleviate the effects of altitude and a night on the town. Elevate your IQ at www.oxygenplus.com, and exhale with O+ on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

    FlipGive combines the convenience of online shopping with the best of online fundraising, making it easier for people to raise money and for retailers to drive sales, acquire customers and improve communities. Fundraisers earn up to 50% for their school, sports team, or cause by shopping with Starbucks, Under Armour, Lowe’s, Costco, Schwan’s, Aldo, Indigo, Bench, and other retail partners. To start your fundraising campaign, visit flipgive.com. To become a FlipGive retailer, visit getflipgive.com.

    * People with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with their physician prior to using O+ products. O+ products are for recreational, intermittent use only. Prolonged use is defined as uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours. There are no side effects when O+ products are used as directed.

    (1) Wilbur RL, Holm PL, Morris, DM, Dallam GM, Subudhi AW, Murray DM, Callan SD, “Effect of FIO2 on oxidative stress during interval training at moderate altitude,” Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2004 Nov; 36 (11):1888-94.

    (2) Scholey AB, Moss MC, Neave N, Wesnes K, “Cognitive Performance, Hyperoxia, and Heart Rate Following Oxygen Administration in Healthy Young Adults,” Physiology & Behavior, 1999 Nov; 67(5):783-9.

  • Oxygen Plus (O+): The Lifestyle Game-Changer

    Oxygen Plus (O+): The Lifestyle Game-ChangerPDF Version

    Love This City TV

    Oxygen Plus (O+) portable, recreational oxygen is useful for anytime you need a lift or want to feel refreshed and re-energized. With just a few deep breaths, through your mouth or your nose, the pure oxygen will help you revitalize, boost energy levels, increase alertness/mental clarity, and alleviate the after-effects of vigorous exercise, travel jet-lag, high altitude conditions, poor air quality, and a day/night of hard partying at the club, bar, concert, festival.»

    The lightweight, stylish oxygen canisters contain 95% pure oxygen which is more than four times the amount found in unpolluted, every-day air. O+ portable, recreational oxygen products come in refreshing flavors and styles, and provide more oxygen per can volume than any other recreational canned oxygen of comparable size in the worldwide market today.

    Due to Oxygen Plus’s multiple useful applications, we are looking at an effective product that can significantly and positively influence and change the lifestyles of people from all walks of life.

    From professional athletes, to everyday people, more and more people are starting to realize the positive effects from using O+ products; no carbs, no calories, no caffeine, no crash.
    As Civic Holiday Long Weekend approaches, there will be plenty of Torontonians attending VELD and Electric Island TO. As seen by Oxygen Plus’ involvement with Bud Light Digital Dreams last Canada Day Long Weekend, the 95% oxygen canister product line is the secret weapon for festival party goers. The hype and buzz created of Oxygen Plus at Digital Dreams even caught the attention of the Metro News, who went as far as to state that O+ was the second most essential survival item for people to bring to an outdoor music festival!

    So for all you attending VELD and/or Electric Island TO this coming weekend, here’s a special promo for you to take advantage of right NOW. Simply enter code: DREAMS during checkout to receive a 25% discount on the “O+ Skinni Canadian Sport—Natural” which is super lightweight, conveniently portable, and contains over 50 breaths of 95% Pure Oxygen. Promo ends this Thursday July 31st, so act fast!

    Oxygen Plus (O+) is also available for purchase via Newegg and The Oxygen Store. You can follow the latest news and info on Oxygen Plus via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Beautyscopes: Oxygen Plus

    Beautyscopes: Oxygen PlusPDF Version


    What could be better for you airy Geminis than a dash of O+ Oxygen to restore vitality? Available in three refreshing varieties: peppermint, pink grapefruit and unscented, and three sizes: the O+ Mini, the O+ Skinni and the O+ Elevate Pack, they’re perfect for traveling, working out and a much-needed afternoon bolster at work. With 95% pure oxygen, they ease altitude adjustments, recharge tired muscles, help recover from jet lag, boost mental clarity, decrease stress and even help with hangovers (Madonna, Lady GaGa, J-Lo, and Emma Stone all use oxygen treatments to improve their skin’s appearance). This will be a super busy summer for you Gemini, so stock up to energize the healthy way: www.oxygenplus.com. »

  • Oxygen Plus featured as hottest beauty product of the summer on King 5 News
  • Oxygen Plus showcased as a way to de-stress on KTLA News
  • “Oxygen in a Can

    “Oxygen in a Can" meets NHL 4 Golf?PDF Version

    Tim er on LinkedIn

    NHL All-Star Tyler Seguin hosted the 6th Annual TFP (The Fourth Period) Charity Golf Classic. Todd Shapiro was on-site doing his show and interviewing many of the NHL players who made appearances. The focus of the charitable event was the Derrek Moseychuk fund. Derrek, longtime friend of Tyler, became quadriplegic after a motor vehicle accident in 2012. The fund was established to generate funds for his medical and other long-term care needs.»

    There were a couple of products introduced to the athletes at the event. One was a cool pair of sandals made with skate laces, called SummerSkates – check them out! I am just breaking in my new pair of SummerSkates. Another high-interest product introduced at this event to the NHL players and other attendees, was Oxygen Plus’ line of recreational oxygen canisters. 95% Pure Oxygen Canisters are great for recovery in workout and sports. As soon as Oxygen Plus was being sampled by the players, it became the center of attention, until the dinner and auction, of course!

    A professional speed skater recognized what the product could do and quickly grabbed a sample of the New Skinni Canadian Sport. He mentioned that he had heard and seen folks using this product after putting the severe strain on their muscles that is common during speed skating. He grabbed a few and commented about introducing them to his training team.
    Todd Shapiro from the Todd Shapiro Show was quoted on air as saying “I love this shit!” and “Oxygen in a can, what a great idea!”

    It was mentioned on Todd’s show that the product is available through Newegg.ca, OxygenPlus.ca and TheOxygenStore.ca now. Through Newegg.ca and OxygenPlus.ca, it sells at 25% Off with the Promo Code DREAMS until the end of July.

    Oxygen Factor, which is a brand that can be bought through TheOxygenStore.ca, claims to give 61% average rep increase in squat tests using crossfit athletes.

    Recently, Motorcycle Racer Cal Collins took 1st place at the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and attributed the success to the oxygen canister brand.

    “Oxygen Factor was the advantage that I needed to win this year. From helping me deal with the early mornings and high elevations, to giving my body an abundance of oxygen before the strenuous race, I can say that I’ll be keeping a few cans of Oxygen Factor ready for my next race.” – Cal Collins

    Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars, the host of the event, took a sample in his pocket and commented how cool it is.

    Devante Smith-Pelly of the Anahiem Ducks took home a sample and wanted to test it out at his next workout.

    Chris Parsons, Global Marketing Senior Director for Newegg was on air with Todd Shapiro talking about Newegg’s great customer service and the growing assortment Newegg has through its Marketplace. He mentioned the partnership with this unique product line that had just launched 3 months ago in Canada.

    Excerpts taken from the Play + Exercise section of OxygenPlus.ca, which also contain a YouTube video – link:

    Pro athlete or workout junkie?

    O+ 95% recreational oxygen gives that extra edge. Breathe O+ oxygen to:
    • Increase stamina and help muscles recover faster from fatigue.
    • Top off your energy level with some fortified breaths before, during or after an intense workout.
    • Help your body recover after vigorous exercise – especially workouts that produce lactic acid.
    Tyler’s agent, John Walters tried it, gave the head nod and said “this product is great.”

    Although Tyler was going to try it later, his agent really enjoyed the product and it’s effects.
    A manager with ties to UFC training grabbed hand-fulls of the product (6+ cans) to take back to the training camp. He had originally been given one, but kept thinking up more people to give it to and become very passionate about the product, to the point where he requested about a dozen business cards from Newegg, in order to introduce this product to his connections.

    The interest from the NHL players prompted great participation from other attendees, who were not even there for the charity event. Two gentlemen on their way to tee off asked to try a couple of samples and drove off in their golf cart. Not only were the NHL players enthused, but the Pro Shop also wanted a sample, after seeing the high demand.

    Rangers’ Michael Del Zotto was enthused about it stating “Great Product!” and asking “Where can I buy this?”.

    On top of the sites mentioned before, it is also available through 2nd Wind Oxygen Bars. The list of locations has been expanding after being made available through Newegg.ca. O+ is also now available through Shop.ca and Amazon.ca. The company has confirmed upcoming launches for sale through two other websites. As well, they are in discussions for in-store sales.
    This will make for an interesting case study of how online Marketplaces can drive overall online business and branding, which coupled with live events, can lead into other distribution channels, like Brick ‘n Mortar.

    Looking forward to the outcome of the interest generated with NHL players. Keep up the great charity work, Tyler!

    Breathe Easy Canada!

  • Bargainmoose on Oxygen Plus

    Bargainmoose on Oxygen PlusPDF Version

    Bargainmoose Canada

    I’m pleased to tell you about another new store added to the Bargainmoose family, with an exclusive coupon code to boot. Oxygen Plus has a promo code that will get you free shipping on all of your orders with them. Shipping to me was going to be $5.99, so this is a nice little savings. »

    Click here to shop @ Oxygenplus.ca now
    • Coupon Code: MOOSEBREATH
    • Discount: free shipping

    • Expiry: 31st August 2014

    So what is Oxygen Plus? While reading the bio about Oxygen Plus, I was reminded of the movie The Lorax, where the evil villain didn’t believe that oxygen should be free, which is why he hated trees. But, this store isn’t that sinister, as we still have air to breathe and Oxygen Plus creates their products to improve wellness. When they started, this was seen as the next “bottled water”. Remember when bottled water came out and it was shunned by many people, including me and now it is huge.

    Your next question might be “what can portable supplemental oxygen do for me”? Their studies show that it can give you a boost as an athlete at different altitudes. It can also help increase strength and power for anaerobic athletics. Not just helpful during sports or training, Oxygen Plus can help you recover from traveling to places with high altitude and get this – it can help you recover easier from hangovers – now I’m sold!

    While my hard-core drinking days are long behind me, every now and then I go a little overboard. I lay in bed in the morning praying for a miracle to take away the harshness of my hangover and maybe I will have found one. It says I can use it for a boost while out on the town, or the next morning. It doesn’t just have to be drinking that does you in. If you work too much, have too much stress, jet lag or any other lagging symptoms, Oxygen Plus can give you the boost you need to get your butt out of bed.

    The little canisters are perfect for throwing into a purse or your pocket, whether you are doing a 10K or 10 shots. They even have different flavours like pink grapefruit and peppermint.
    To keep up to date on all Oxygen Plus coupons, visit the forum.

  • Anti-Aging: Get Gorgeous On-The-Go For A Beautiful Summer

    Anti-Aging: Get Gorgeous On-The-Go For A Beautiful SummerPDF Version

    Complete Senior a division of CS Modern Living

    Now, let’s get pro-gorgeous. Next time someone tells you to “breathe,” forego the eye roll and pull out you personal atomizer. Yes. Oxygen Plus allows you to breathe instant energy and production into your skin and body. »

    Dosed oxygen into the lungs digests food better in the stomach and intestines allowing nutrients to absorb into our bloodstream and bodily cells—and even helps to break down alcohol. It’s also great for post-exercise recovery or general fatigue.

    The best part? You’ll look refreshed and smiley. Oxygen Plus comes in a home-based unit the size of a flashlight or in aerated canister packs and mini-travel sizes. I keep a six-pack in the pantry and one in my messenger bag for the afternoon.

    Being an “airhead” has never looked (or felt) better.

  • Oxygen Plus, Inc. Announces New Affiliate Marketing Program for Portable Recreational Oxygen
  • Oxygen Plus, Inc. (O+) Launches First Affiliate Marketing Program in Recreational Oxygen Market
  • What to bring to an outdoor concert

    What to bring to an outdoor concertPDF Version


    Heading to a music fest this summer? Here are the summer concert essentials you need for a day rocking out in the sun. A summer concert means hot, sticky, smoky atmosphere. Get a breath of fresh air with a mini-canister of oxygen-enriched air. We swear we felt perked up after a few puffs.»

    Oxygen Plus, $23.97 for a pack of three, www.oxygenplus.com

  • O2my! Caffeine’s air apparent

    O2my! Caffeine’s air apparentPDF Version

    New York Post

    TIME to make the O face! The latest in ridiculous-ways-to-spend-hard-earned-money is the O+Stick (oxygenplus.com), a nifty little inhaler that delivers hits of 90 percent enriched oxygen. By contrast, oxygen makes up just 21 percent of the air you normally breathe, so this is a considerable boost.»

    Casinos have long pumped extra oxygen into the air to keep gamblers spritely and O+Stick’s a bit like having a blackjack table in your purse – except you’re only taken for the $34 it costs for the inhaler plus two canisters, one peppermint flavored. O+Stick’s makers claim a single dose – three to five breaths – can help you feel mentally sharper, more alert and energetic. Feeling dim-witted and sluggish, we gave it a try – and we loved it. A few hits really did pep us up. So we tried it again. And again.

    Turns out, the high doesn’t last that long. If you follow O+Stick’s recommendation of no more than 10 uses per day, or about one canister (which are about $10 each), that’s a pretty pricey habit.

    Good thing they say it’s not habit-forming: “There is nothing that is known to be addictive in the O+Stick,” says spokeswoman Jill Mangio. “I’m sure you could get addicted to the ‘elevated’ feeling that it supplies.”


    Pink Picks: PORTABLE OXYGENPDF Version

    PINK Magazine

    Need to refresh after a long flight? Take a few breaths of this oxygen
    stick and get an energy boost. Starter kit includes two refills in plain or peppermint.»

    ($34, oxygenplus.com)

  • Firm has the elements for success

    Firm has the elements for successPDF Version


    Starting a company is enough to take your breath away. Fortunately for the entrepreneurs behind Oxygen Plus, the remedy is right at hand — and for the rest of us, increasingly available at upscale hotels, spas and retailers locally and around the country.»

    The Mahtomedi start-up produces lightweight canisters of 90 to 95 percent pure, concentrated oxygen. Three to five breaths from its O+Stick dispenser or the smaller O+Mini , the company says, are enough to restore energy, raise alertness and generally revive a person.

    Company President Kevin Berigan likens it to a cup of coffee without the caffeine.

    “Oxygen is a primary element in the production of energy in the human body,” Berigan said.

    “This can give you a boost of energy. It can help with jet-lag symptoms, it can help with alleviating the effects of altitude. And if people are feeling tired or groggy or a little dull, it can help boost their performance.”

    The product launched just seven months after the first discussions, a whirlwind of product, brand and packaging development fueled by $2.5 million from angel investors. Sales were projected to hit $500,000 in 2007 and to double in 2008.

    The dispensers are on sale at 250 retailers, including the Helly Hansen store in St. Paul and the Jon Charles Salon in Uptown in Minneapolis, and at more then 1,000 e-commerce websites. The O-Stick Elevate pack, with a dispensing shell and two 50-breath canisters retails for $30; a single 20-breath O+Mini retails for $5.

    Travelers, athletes and outdoors enthusiasts and people interested in a healthy lifestyle are among the early adopters, Berigan said. It’s also on the menu at some hotel cocktail bars. Anyone who overindulges while ringing in the New Year also might benefit.

    “If a person happens to get overserved, this is certainly something that will help them recover,” Berigan said. Berigan spent 22 years at the Fallon Worldwide ad agency before he left to join what became Oxygen Plus.

    The idea for the product emerged after a couple of gatherings of people in marketing, retail, finance and other fields who met to “knock around the idea of recreational oxygen,” Berigan said, a product category that exists in Asia and Europe but is only beginning to take shape in this country.

    Berigan said, “How many times do you get a chance to work on a new product and brand and also try to pioneer a brand-new category? For me, that was the lure.”

    The Oxygen Plus products, which dispense oxygen for recreational purposes and for which the company does not make medical claims, are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said John Benzick, chief operating officer.

    The company’s website contains the obligatory warnings that its products “are intended for recreational, intermittent use only, not to be used as medical nor life-saving products.” Anyone with a health or medical condition “should consult their physician prior to use.” There are also the standard cautions about oxygen’s flammability.

    The Oxygen Plus canisters are not refillable but are made of recyclable aluminum, Benzick said. The plastic shell that comes in the O+Stick Elevate pack is reusable with new canisters.

    Cascading influence

    With little in the way of a marketing budget, the company has employed a strategy of “cascading influence,” finding top retailers in hospital and outdoors markets who would want the product for their customers, who in turn likely would try, and become advocates of, a new product. In perhaps six months, Oxygen Plus likely will seek $5 million to $10 million in additional financing to boost marketing and do more hiring, Berigan said. The company also has other products it would like to develop, and it wants to explore distribution in Europe and Asia. Jon Charles, owner of the upscale Jon Charles Salon in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, said Oxygen Plus has been a strong seller, especially with health-conscious clients and those who work out.

    “This fits in with a healthy lifestyle,” Charles said, adding he offered to pay for the Oxygen Plus one employee uses if she stops drinking Coca-Cola. “You get the same energy boost without the calories. It’s an amazing product with a really great future.”

    The design fits in with the top-shelf brands of hair products he carries, Bumble and bumble and Kerastase. “What’s in the package is extremely important but it’s got to be shiny and pretty, especially if you’re going to market to women,” Charles said.

    Oxygen Plus also has sold surprisingly well since its mid-October introduction at the Helly Hansen store on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, owner George McGowan said. He also carries it at his Sundog Trading Company store in Uptown and introduced it just before Christmas at his Helly Hansen store in Chicago.

    Shoppers might try it as a novelty but quickly understand the benefits of a product that McGowan said fits the sporting lifestyle that the Helly Hansen brand represents.

    “We don’t do gimmicks,” McGowan said. “It needs to have a legitimate reason to be here; otherwise, we diminish who we are and our credibility. What the Oxygen Plus guys are doing is exactly along that vein.”

    The experts say: Prof. Lorman Lundsten, chairman of the marketing department at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, said he believes there’s a potential for Oxygen Plus to develop a market for its products.

    “There’s a brandable aspect to this,” Lundsten said. “It’s a reliable source of a benefit people want; it’s intangible, but people would seek that out. . . . The challenge will be to build enough end-user demand to keep the middlemen happy in carrying it.”

    Lundsten recommended rolling out the product at a measured pace, “to take over the world slowly.” The rollout needs to pay for itself, or the company “has to have a lot of money to last a long time while the market grows.”

    David Alexander, an assistant professor of marketing at St. Thomas, said the company needs to make the product not seem as new as it is. That’s because “newness can turn people away,” said Alexander, who does research on adoption of new products.

    “You can use the newness to attract people, but what you want is to tie the product to things that people already do,” Alexander said. “That way, for the individual it’s not as big a leap to adopting the product.”

    In other words, tying the product to something familiar that offers similar benefits, like the morning’s first cup of coffee or a post-workout sports drink, might make consumers more comfortable with the idea of Oxygen Plus as an energy boost.

  • Need some air? Startup selling oxygen

    Need some air? Startup selling oxygenPDF Version

    Sacramento Business Journal

    Selling oxygen-in-a-stick is getting to be big business in Asia and in polluted cities overseas. It’s a trend startup Oxygen Plus Inc. is betting will catch on in the United States as it prepares to launch a new product and raise about $1.5 million in equity financing.»

    Two sisters started the company last year, at first hoping to sell its products to the medical industry. They later settled on the recreational market, which was growing in other parts of the world, said president Kevin Berigan.

    After raising about $1.2 million in capital from angel investors, the firm launched its first product: a stick that releases oxygen after a button is pushed. The O-Stick offers about four times more oxygen than what’s found in ambient air.

    A dispenser and two oxygen canisters retail for between $29.99 and $34. Oxygen Plus is targeting high-end consumers, selling the products at luxury boutique hotels and spas. Those customers are more likely to be experiencing “symptoms” that can be helped by more pure oxygen.

    “They’re suffering from jet lag, fatigue; maybe they were over-served once or twice on the flight,” said Berigan, a former account manager with ad agency Fallon.

    The effort has brought in about $170,000 in sales over the past four months. Oxygen Plus is now launching a mini version of the product, which it also hopes to sell in college bookstores and nightclubs. It has a deal to put that version on the breakfast menu at Kimpton hotels. The firm plans to use its hoped-for financing to help build up inventory as demand increases.

  • O+: Oxygen in a can

    O+: Oxygen in a canPDF Version


    Ever since you were born, you’ve been breathing oxygen for free, right? Well the masters of mundane marketing agree that it is time for you to adjust your thinking. Yes, you can breathe air for free; but how lame would that be? Naturally occurring oxygen is just so 10,000 years ago. It’s time for you to begin breathing more pure, more refreshing oxygen. Yes, the world’s most essential element is making a fashionable comeback. This time, in a can.»

    And Oxygen Plus, a new company, is leading the way by providing 95% pure oxygen-enriched air that is portable, safe, natural and easy to use anywhere, anytime.

    My husband and I recently tried O+ and felt the immediate effects; but not for long. It won’t make you light headed, but it won’t make you run faster either. Somewhere in the middle ground between those two extremes lies the benefit gained from the oxygen in Oxygen Plus. In fact, the benefits of a few blasts of O+ may actually be more psychological than genuinely physical, but there’s no doubting that several gulps of oxygen certainly feel as if they can cut through the fur and filth of a hangover or the smog in a heavily polluted city.

    Even without the pollution or the pleasure of a heavy night’s antics, I must admit that a distinct feeling of well-being does wash over you.

    For those of you who don’t drink coffee, this could be your natural alternative to caffeine.

  • Gimme a hit

    Gimme a hitPDF Version

    944 Magazine

    Oxygen + is a new product touted to help alleviate the symptoms of 944itis: jet lag, hangovers and fatigue. Ninety percent pure (peppermint) oxygen in a handy little can. Thumbs up! Sorta like whippits for grown-ups. »

  • Product of the week

    Product of the weekPDF Version

    Style For Free

    Reader review: This is such a cool and different product. When I initially started using it I didn’t really notice a big difference. Then the humidity came, OMG. The air was so heavy and thick it was incredible. I decided to use the Oxygen a couple times and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I was dragging and tired, within a few minutes and a couple of puffs I felt so much better. I can’t stress how much better I felt all from a puff of O2. I think these are perfect for anyone who has allergies, travels, is on the go or just wants a natural boost.»

    It’s not like we are breathing 90% O2. I will continue to use and pass on the word of what a cool product this is. I also handed a trail size off to my aunt who has Asthma and she too took a puff and felt relieved.. So no matter what the condition or just for the purity of the product it’s a good investment. The cartridge lasts a long time too. I am sending this along with my hubby on his next business trip to see if it gives him a nice natural boost too. So even though I don’t have allergies or trouble breathing this works wonders. Now I know even though I take puffs and may not feel completely energized, I know my body is reaping all the benefits.
    – CaKeDoO

    Reader review: I want to confirm how great this product is. It is amazing how much better I felt almost immediately. The air was so oppressive and thick that it was very difficult to really breathe easily. I actually turned down an opportunity to try to photograph some ocean views as my chest was so tight from my the air. Normally I would never turn down such an opportunity. I have been taking allergy medication for years but recently discovered that I have asthma as well. I do have prescription inhalers and foolishly did not take one as I did not hear humidity in the forecasts. A few whiffs of this and it was remarkable. I could breathe much easier and my lungs must have felt better as the tightness I had been experiencing disappeared. This could be a real Life Saver. I would highly recommend it!!
    – Sheba

  • Where bling never dies: A swag tour of the MTV Movie Awards

    Where bling never dies: A swag tour of the MTV Movie AwardsPDF Version

    LA Weekly

    After spending Memorial Day weekend at what my boyfriend called “that hippie nudist colony” (Harbin Hot Springs in Napa) with my “lesbian lover” (my girlfriend), landing at Kari Feinstein’s pre–MTV Movie Awards–style lounge extravaganza in Beverly Hills the following Thursday made for some serious culture shock.»

    A weird mix of the famous, the almost famous and the media who love/hate them gathered at a makeshift valet near the lower reaches of Benedict Canyon. A candy-apple Lincoln Navigator, whose back end had been converted into an entertainment center complete with wide-screen TVs and oversize speakers (rendering it able to seat only four, including the driver), shuttled us up the canyon to the party. “How many miles to the gallon?” I asked the driver, himself a Lincoln rep. “Not many,” he replied.

    A squeaky publicist in a bubble-hemmed mini greeted us with red wristbands and empty tote bags. A Youth AIDS in Action information table off to her right sat empty and forlorn as the throng focused on the task at hand: filling bags with obscene amounts of shwag.

    Eager for the Thai massage, reflexology and facials touted in the invite, my friend and I marched inside the spacious and uninhabited Spanish estate, which was empty but for the whirlwind of grab-bag madness. In search of bodywork, we meandered through unfurnished rooms, filled with jewelry-smattered tables and hair products. We passed through the “kitchen,” and politely declined sake, vitamin water, sliced abalone and other foodstuffs offered by enthusiastic vendors eager to place their products in the hands of Hollywood royalty of varying pedigrees.

    We sidled by Jessica Alba, who was poring through floor-to-ceiling stacks of Reebok sneakers in an otherwise barren library. We wandered outside, hoping to happen upon a manicurist or chiropractor or a gaggle of cute boys to play with. Instead, we saw Anne Heche trying on canvas espadrilles and a Kate Hudson look-alike smoking a cigarette. Nary a bodyworker was in sight.

    “Let’s suck some oxygen,” shrugged my friend, leading us to the Oxygen Plus table, where a bored-looking guy offered us a taste of peppermint-flavored air in a reusable can. Succumbing to the temptations of clean air, we filled our tote bags with trial-size canisters of O2 and climbed the stairs in search of strong hands and nimble fingers with a massage table in tow.

    (Click on the link for the full article)


  • The O+ Stick from Oxygen Plus helps girlawhirl take a breather

    The O+ Stick from Oxygen Plus helps girlawhirl take a breatherPDF Version


    Sometimes Girlawhirl feels like she just can’t catch her breath; too many “to do’s” and not enough time to do them all. Add in a little jet-lag and a pinch of stress and she’s toast. Upon arriving at a Super Pal’s place on the west coast, Girlawhirl just wanted to throw down her bags, and her body, and take a nap. Unfortunately, her Super Pal had other plans. Calculating the time difference, Girlawhirl realized it was too late for a nap and too early for bed. Agreeing to dinner and a night on the town, Girlawhirl asked for a java jolt before heading out. Her Pal refused her, saying she had a much better wake-up alternative for her drowsy friend: a pump of fresh oxygen…»

    But instead of heading for the local oxygen bar – as Girlawhirl assumed her friend was implying – she handed her a TV remote size O+StickTM from Oxygen Plus.

    The handheld, column-looking, contraption houses a (recyclable!) canister filled with 90% pure, enriched oxygen in either natural or peppermint flavors – and it looks like orange vanilla, lavender, ginger, mango, cappuccino and grapefruit flavors are coming this summer. The O+Stick’s oxygen is four times more concentrated than ambient air and boosts energy levels immediately.

    Girlawhirl just pointed the handheld container towards her mouth, pulled the lever and took three or four (she’s allowed up to five) deep breaths. She’s not sure if it was the shock of the initial blast of air, the ensuing giggles, or the oxygen itself, but without a doubt she perked up immediately.
    Her pal – a regular at the local oxygen enclave – said the O+Stick is her go-to for a breath of fresh air on the go. Girlawhirl can’t wait to get her own O+Stick for her next global trek. She thinks it will be quite handy to always have clean oxygen with her no matter where in the world she lands.
    Girlawhirl found her O+Stick online at oxygenplus.com.

    **Editor’s note: At press time the O+Stick is not allowed in carry-on baggage but it is allowed in checked baggage. Oxygen Plus recommends packing O+ in checked baggage inside its plastic Elevate Pack container. TSA rules change often, so please check www.tsa.gov for the regulations for taking oxygen on flights.

  • Need a breath of fresh oxygen?

    Need a breath of fresh oxygen?PDF Version

    Los Angeles Times

    Oxygen is one of those non-negotiable items in life. You can skimp on food, sunlight and, in emergency situations, morning coffee, but you can’t last more than a couple of minutes without oxygen. The vital gas makes up about 20% of the air we breathe.»

    The product: If 20% sounds skimpy, you can always try breathing 90% pure oxygen from an Oxygen+Stick (pronounced “oxygen plus stick”), a hand-held device sold over the Internet and at resorts and health spas across the country.

    The colorful sticks, a little over 8 inches long, hold replaceable canisters that are good for about 50 puffs each.

    The Oxygen Plus website offers a stick and two canisters (one “natural flavor,” one peppermint) for $34, or about 34 cents per puff.

    The claims: According to the website, just five blasts of the Oxygen+Stick will provide an “instant energy boost” that’s a “natural alternative to caffeine.” The site recommends using the device “at the first signs of fatigue or a drop in energy or alertness.” The device is said to be especially energizing after workouts, air travel or “a big night out.”

    Kevin Berigan, president of Oxygen Plus, the company that manufactures and sells the sticks, says individual results vary. “A lot of people report feeling a mental and physical boost immediately,” he says. “It can be mild to dramatic.” He says that the ranks of satisfied customers include doctors, nurses and pilots.

    In conversation, press releases and on his website, Berigan points to two studies that supposedly validate the Oxygen+Stick. A 2004 study by members of the U.S. Olympic Committee found that extra oxygen improved the stamina of elite athletes training at high altitude, and a 1999 British study showed that oxygen boosted the thinking skills of young volunteers. In both studies, subjects received not puffs from a hand-held device but continuous flows of oxygen from large tanks.

    Bottom line: The Oxygen+Stick didn’t create instant energy in a two-person newsroom test. There were also no reports of unusual mental sharpness. (To be fair, neither subject was trying to recover from a workout or a “big night out,” and both were relatively sharp to begin with.)

    It’s no surprise that the stick didn’t provide the promised jolt, says Carl Foster, an exercise physiologist at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a past president of the American College of Sports Medicine. Even if a person huffed Oxygen+Sticks all day until drifts of empty canisters filled the room, “there’s no way this could do anything,” he says.

    Most people already get plenty of oxygen, Foster says. The blood of healthy people at sea level is nearly saturated with the gas, and a small increase wouldn’t make much difference. (People with emphysema or other lung diseases do suffer from shortfalls of oxygen, but the Oxygen+Stick isn’t intended to treat illness.) Even if a person were gasping for air at the top of a mountain, he says, an Oxygen+Stick could help for only a few seconds. “By the time you put it back in your pocket and take another breath, you’re right back to where you started.”

    In general, tiredness has nothing to do with oxygen levels, says Dr. Peter Wagner, professor of Medicine and Bioengineering at UC San Diego and a past president of the American Thoracic Society. He explains that workouts are exhausting because muscle cells run out of energy to burn, not because the body runs out of oxygen. Only hard-core athletes — the kind who can go through 150 liters of air per minute — ever have any kind of oxygen shortfall while exercising, he says.

    If you still want a quick oxygen boost on demand, Wagner says there’s a cheaper option: It’s called a deep breath.

  • A breath of fresh air

    A breath of fresh airPDF Version

    Daily Candy

    The last time you needed air, you were in: a) The sob-wracked depths of agony. b) The pant-filled throes of ecstasy. c) A breath-holding contest with the first grader seated next to you at Benihana.
    Too bad you didn’t have the O+ Stick, enriched oxygen in a tube.»

    • Use it post-hangover, preworkout, or whenever you’re feeling deflated.
    • It promises all the pep of coffee and none of the consequences.
    • The peppermint flavor even packs a cool, mouth-freshening aftertaste.

    Position it in front of your nose, inhaler style, take in three to five quick pumps, and wait for a sense of mental and physical alertness to sweep over you. Its effects are most profound for the first few minutes, but by then you should be perked up and ready for round two…of whatever it is that makes you so short of breath.
    Available at Skin Science, 880 Holcomb Bridge Road, suite b105, Roswell GA (770-642-9779);
    Or, online at oxygenplus.com.