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Oxygen Plus x A Breath Of Fresh Air 2

August 13, 2016 1 min read

    Oxygen Plus x A Breath Of Fresh Air 2

    So, I got this really cool bottle of Oxygen Plus (O+) and couldn’t wait to try it. Right out of the box I noticed the color scheme and design reminded me of Palm Springs and Jonathan Adler, which of course made me like it even more.

    Another great benefit of O+, is that it just feels good in my hand. I took it to the pool on a 100+ day and gave it a go. After a quick swim, I took a little break and decided to try 5 breaths of O+ Skinni and I immediately felt refreshed. Instantly, I felt like I could take a deeper breath. I felt more focused and relaxed, and after about 5 mins I felt energized. Added bonus: oxygenating makes your skin more youthful looking. This is the perfect alternative to the energy drinks I regularly consume. I would much rather put something natural in my body. It’s easy to carry and is the perfect accessory for a day of poolside glamour. Goodbye Red Bull, O+ is my new go-to!

    *Disclaimer: canister can only reach 125 degrees F…don’t leave it in your car on a hot summer day.

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