All Day Energy 

Elevate your everyday experience with Oxygen Plus (O+). Stock up on energy-packed O+ oxygen products to see what a blast of pure recreational oxygen can do for your exercise, work, travel or a late night out. Oxygen Plus portable recreational oxygen delivers instant, on-the-go, natural energy - helping to sustain vitality, decrease stress, improve mental clarity and alertness and recover from the effects of travel, elevation and a night on the town.

O+ Mini - 3-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Mini - 6-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Mini - 12-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Mini - 24-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Mini - 96-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 3-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 6-Pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 12-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 24-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Skinni - 96-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 2-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 6-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 9-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 18-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Elevate Pack - O-Stick &
2 O+ Refills - Oxygen Plus
O+ Refills - 6-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Refills - 12-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Refills - 54-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Bundle - O+ Elevate Pack &
iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter
iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter - Oxygen Plus
O+ T-Shirt - Men's - Oxygen Plus
O+ T-Shirt - Women's - Oxygen Plus
O+ Hat - Oxygen Plus
O+ Holiday Cheer Pack - 9-pack Bundle - Oxygen Plus
O+ Lovers Pack - 6-pack Bundle - Oxygen Plus

Breathe Oxygen Plus to help combat the effects of altitude or everyday fatigue, which can come from inactivity, poor air quality and stale office air. O+ pure recreational oxygen contains more than four times the amount of oxygen in unpolluted, every day air, so a few deep breaths of O+ oxygen, and you're back at your best again.

What can Oxygen Plus do for you?

  • Work Smarter - Breathe a few breaths of Oxygen Plus pure recreational oxygen while you're working or studying to stay mentally sharp. Studies have shown breathing supplemental oxygen significantly helps improve mental clarity, focus and memory.
  • Train Harder - Take on that extra set of reps when you breathe Oxygen Plus to top off energy levels during your workout and help your muscles recover faster.
  • Travel Better - Combat the effects of travel and fatigue during long trips when you replenish with Oxygen Plus. While recreational oxygen canisters are currently not allowed on commercial airplanes in the U.S., you'll likely find Oxygen Plus in your hotel mini bar. Or, you can have your product shipped straight to your destination. A few deep breaths of O+ oxygen helps restore depleted energy levels, keep you mentally sharp and decrease stress - helping you get the most out of every journey.
  • Elevate Stronger - Breathe Oxygen Plus to help combat the effects of altitude when you're hiking, skiing, cycling or vacationing at higher elevations. Breathe easier so you can go farther on your way to the top with Oxygen Plus' compact product options - including the O+ Mini and O+ Skinni.  

Oxygen Plus offers portable recreational oxygen canisters in a variety of sizes that meet the needs of every lifestyle. Lightweight, compact and durable, the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni, O+ Biggi and refillable O-Stick in the O+ Elevate Pack fit neatly in your purse, pocket or pack for an on-demand energy and recovery tool - anytime you need it. For regular use at work or home, stock up on O+ Refills for the refillable O-Stick, available with the O+ Elevate Pack. All Oxygen Plus products are recyclable after use, are made from recyclable aluminum and are assembled, quality-controlled and filled in the U.S.A. Shop for the Oxygen Plus product that's right for you at the O+ Store and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.