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O+ Study Pack – 6 O+ Skinni & 6 O+ Mini

  • Take your work and school to new heights with a smart stock of recreational oxygen canisters from Oxygen Plus. The O+ Study Pack is the perfect brain support with six (6) O+ Skinni and six (6) O+ Mini oxygen canisters.

    • STUDY SMARTER –Oxygen Plus’s O+ Study Pack contains two of our best-selling recreational oxygen canisters, the O+ Skinni and O+ Mini. Restore your body’s optimal oxygen levels naturally and instantly with this smart study buddy. Studies show supplementing with oxygen helps increase cognitive function, memory, mental clarity and reaction time. Be prepared to take on your work project, paper or exam with heighten concentration with O+ oxygen.
    • STAY SHARP ALL DAY – Intense studying and work can be an all-day activity that can cause your energy and vitality to decrease over time. A long day at school or work can also increase stress. Pure recreational oxygen helps you breathe easier and remain energized throughout the day. With O+, you can grind out your work while feeling alert. Breathing O+ also helps combat the effects of breathing stale indoor or polluted air. Our recreational oxygen canisters are also free of any flavors, sugars, carbs or crash.
    • HOW TO USE –The O+ Mini and O+ Skinni oxygen canisters are sleek and easy-to-use during your next 3 p.m. energy slump. Simply press the button with your pointer finger or thumb to release the flow of pure oxygen, and inhale through your mouth or nose as you press down the button. For energy and recovery, breathe 3 to 5 breaths—or as much as you need when used as directed.
    • BREATHE EASY –Includes 6 O+ Mini canisters and 6 O+ Skinni canisters, a stylish set for your everyday on-the-go lifestyle. Each O+ Mini has a total of 24+ breaths and 1.55L of pure recreational oxygen, while the O+ Skinni contains approximately 50+ breaths and 3.42L of pure oxygen. Oxygen Plus offers the only portable oxygen canisters worldwide that are manufactured in clean room at an FDA-registered facility.
    • THE OXYGEN PLUS WAY -The pioneer of the industry, we were founded in 2003 to create natural, consumer-friendly, and effective oxygen products. We established the best practices and standards for our industry while at the forefront of promoting recreational oxygen to wellness-minded individuals worldwide. Part of the active person’s everyday life, Oxygen Plus is a dependable energy and recovery tool at work, home, and play – anytime you need a lift.

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