Christine Warren, Founder and President of Oxygen Plus, Inc.

...who, inspired by the negative stigma of medical and supplemental oxygen in our world, wanted to make the world a healthier place to live and breathe. After years of research on the benefits of supplemental oxygen, the Chicago-born, Minnesota-dwelling pioneer became committed to the mission of educating others and making a tangible difference by creating recreational oxygen products that – unbeknownst to her – would one day lead the new product category.

Before the creation of Oxygen Plus, many people would associate oxygen with uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing cannulas for sick people. With her team, the O+ Founder began envisioning the creation of oxygen products that were sleek, portable, easy-to-use, and consumer-friendly. An additional inspiration and drive for the company stems from its belief that everybody deserves the right – and access – to breathe well.

In 2003, the visionary business woman gathered “a room full of geniuses” together who were the first to believe and proclaim that Recreational Oxygen  also called canned oxygen or portable oxygen in a can  could be the next bottled water. Oxygen Plus, Inc. (O+) was formed, and its first product – the O-Stick – was launched, winning the best new product award at the International Spa (ISPA) Convention & Expo in Las Vegas. Ever since, the vision of Oxygen Plus has been to be the company leading the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable recreational oxygen for wellness-minded persons worldwide.

Equally important to the company, Oxygen Plus has supported many individuals and health-and-wellness causes in the past, and will continue to do so. The first consumer-friendly recreational oxygen company on the market – and the leader in the category ever since – Oxygen Plus is proud to be regarded as the most innovative and dedicated recreational oxygen company in the atmosphere.

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