We've always made your health and wellness our top priority by manufacturing and delivering the highest quality oxygen canisters in the atmosphere. Beyond the norm, here are some steps we've taken to enhance public health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our People

Oxygen Plus is adhering all State and Federal government COVID-19 policies and CDC guidelines. To help protect one another, we have limited the number of team members at our corporate office. Most team members are working from home, and practicing social distancing when we do leave our home. When we are at the O+ worldwide headquarters, we are wearing masks when any one team member is around another. We’re using hand sanitizers. And, of course, we're washing our hands with soap for 20 seconds. We're exercising regularly, stretching our legs during the work day, breathing in nature's air and eating healthfully. We're also encouraging one another - and our O+ social media friends - to focus on helping others and our environment in the small ways we can.

While we welcome all to buy oxygen online, we're keeping the front door locked to limit exposure to/from anyone who might normally stop in to purchase Oxygen Plus.

Our Products

All Oxygen Plus products are manufactured in a clean room at a FDA-registered facility. Everyone who touches the oxygen canister from which you breathe always wears personal protective equipment (PPE) and operate with strict cleanliness procedures in a sterile environment. Oxygen Plus is the only recreational oxygen company worldwide to fill and assemble its products with this additional level of safety and expense. We do this because we believe people deserve the highest possible standard in recreational oxygen. In contrast, most other canned oxygen is filled where regular aerosol canisters you'd find outside the pharmacy aisle are made. 

In case you’re wondering about the safety of items you buy online, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that exposure from products or packaging that is shipped or mailed over a period of days or weeks are “very low risk.” Let's call this a silver lining to the Ground Shipping requirement to which all recreational oxygen canisters must adhere!

Our Promise

Oxygen Plus is committed to - and has been since pioneering the category of Recreational Oxygen in 2003 - ensuring our customers have a safe, functional, value-driven canister in hand. It's our unwavering promise to offer you the best, highest-quality product, sold at a competitive price, supported by the most creative, fun-loving, dedicated team in the recreational oxygen industry.

If there is anything our team can do for you, just let us know. We'll have you breathing easy again in no time.

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