Oxygen Bar Rentals from Oxygen Plus (O+)

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Oxygen Bar Rentals from Oxygen Plus (O+)

Introducing the Revolutionary oxygen+bar®

Oxygen Plus’s new oxygen+bar® is an innovative oxygen bar that elevates the traditional oxygen bar rental service by offering a modern oxygen bar service with uniquely-tailored, professionally-designed immersion experiences including custom lighting, music and more! 

oxygen bar at a conference

O+’s portable oxygen bar offers personal oxygen delivery stations for three people to breathe enriched oxygen through a nasal cannula — a lightweight tube that delivers oxygen directly to the nose for natural, side-effect free energy and recovery. For those who don’t want a hose up the nose, the oxygen+bar also offers a delivery method with a gentle flow to the nose or mouth. 

Delivering 93%-96% pure oxygen, compared to the approximate 21% found in unpolluted, everyday air, the oxygen+bar® helpstop off deleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels so you can think, feel and perform your best. Users can choose an unscented breathing experience or infuse their oxygen+bar®session with revitalizing aromas or natural essential oils, like peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and cherry chocolate, to enhance their experience. 

The O+ Oxygen Bar Experience

The multi-station oxygen+bar® from Oxygen Plusserves 18 to 24 people per hour, and the oxygen bar rental service includes a dedicated, knowledgeable oxygen bar operator/host that will elevate each user’s experience.

Oxygen bar users can sit and relax while breathing in the pure oxygen for 10 to 20 minutes. This inhalation period allows users to rejuvenate and revitalize, particularly in high-density or over-stimulating settings where people might feel low on energy or overwhelmed, such as parties, trade shows and conferences. We’ll even measure your oxygen levels before and after your oxygen session, so you can see how your body’s depleted oxygen levels are back at their peak! 

oxygen bar at a festival

The oxygen+bar® is designed for any time or experience where people’s normal, healthy oxygen levels may become depleted, including: 


Above and beyond the normal oxygen bar experience, the oxygen+bar can bring a visually-engaging immersion experienceespecially at evening events. While a basic lighting design is standard at no additional charge, the warm element, designed by a professional, local artist will take your event to the next level.

In addition to a visual immersion experience that can take you and your event further, the oxygen+bar offers the free option of music streamed via bluetooth technology. You can tap in with your own playlist, or we can DJ for you. 

You can kick up the energy at your next event by adding karaoke to your oxygen+bar. If you’re searching for ‘karaoke near me,’ now you have it if you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul area. Plus, it could be the best karaokeas the DJ and songs come with endless, all-natural energy and recovery from an oxygen bar to keep you singing fun karaoke songs all night long!


Minimum 2-hour rental:  $650
Each additional hour:  $150
Optional Custom-designed lighting/immersion experience:  $200
Optional Karaoke bar in Minnesota:  $100

Includes local delivery, set-up, operation and striking. Music and custom logo display– that is projected onto screen or wall included with minimum rental fee. A surcharge, including travel, accommodation and per diem expenses, may apply for non-local events. Oxygen Plus pure recreational oxygen canisters are available for sale as a take-away product at most events.

To operate, the oxygen+bar® generator, which produces its pure oxygen through pressure-swing absorption (PSA) technology, requires 110V electrical power to operate. The minimum space for the table and chairs is approximately 5 feet X 5 feet, however a 10 feet X 10 feet space or larger is preferred to fully optimize a custom immersion experience. 

What are the Benefits of Breathing from an Oxygen Bar?

Improved mood and relaxation

Exposing your body to healthy levels of oxygen can stimulate your body's healing systems and bring down levels of stress and anxiety significantly. Many people who use oxygen bars reportrelaxation and a calm mind as the primary benefits.

Enhanced Concentration

A session on the oxygen+bar®helps a person feel more alert and focused. According toThe Franklin Institute, the brain's need for oxygen is more than ten times greater than the rest of the body. Oxygen deficiency can decrease your alertness, memory, and judgment. Oxygen is a natural, safe, and caffeine-free alternative for improving your focus.

Increased Energy

The oxygen+bar® can help to circulate more oxygen through your body, which can lead to feelings of increased energy. Additionally, many users report that it gives them a mild and pleasant buzz. Astudy found that oxygen concentrator users reported improved alertness, well-being, and sleep patterns.

Relief from Adjusting to Altitude

Breathing becomes difficult at high altitudes due to the decreased availability of oxygen in the air caused by lower atmospheric pressure. As altitude increases, the reduced partial pressure of oxygen means the lungs receive fewer oxygen molecules with each breath. Our oxygen bars can help restore your oxygen saturation to normal, healthy levels, which makes it especially attractive if you are hosting an event at altitude.

Relief from Jet Lag

When you travel by commercial aircraft, your body's oxygen levels candrop by as much as 10 percent, compromising your ability to perform even the simplest tasks. A few deep breaths of oxygen can boost oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels, helping to alleviate the most common symptoms of frequent air travel, including fatigue, mental fogginess, and physical exhaustion. This makes oxygen bars a very attractive option at an event with many international travelers, such as a conference or tradeshow.

Relief from Polluted Air

Breathing from oxygen bars can help replenish your lungs with healthy oxygen levels, making you feel ready to combat the symptoms of bad air qualityBreathing Oxygen Plus (O+) helps to restore the body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels, which is especially important in cities with poor air quality. This was the original use for oxygen bars when they were invented in Japan in the 1980s.

Hangover Therapy/Detoxification

Oxygen is beneficial for those who may suffer from breathing issues due to vapor/smoke (including second-hand cigarette smoke), heat and stress from overcrowded rooms, and other environmental factors that can cause discomfort when partying. Supplementing with oxygen can also help the recovery process –mitigating the effects of a hangover and other unwanted effects of consuming alcohol. 

Oxygen Bars for Events

Oxygen Bars for Weddings & Parties

oxygen bar at a party

Give your guests the ultimate conversation starter with an elegant oxygen bar at your wedding or party, where they can mingle and indulge in various aromatic oxygen flavors. Plus, it's an excellent way for guests who may have had a night out or traveled the day before to feel their best selves at your event. It's the perfect way to ensure they have the energy to celebrate from the first toast to the last dance. Plus, the customizable immersion experience of the oxygen+bar®can be tailored to match your event's vibe and theme. 

Oxygen Bars for Conferences & Trade Shows

oxygen bar set-up

Stand out in the sea of booths with a sleek oxygen bar at your next conference or trade show, offering a refreshing oasis for attendees to rejuvenate. Not only does it draw a crowd, but it also provides much-needed energy or a moment of relaxation that can boost engagement and leave a lasting, appreciative impression. With branded options, Oxygen Plus’s oxygen bar becomes a memorable marketing tool that can breathe new life into your brand's or event’s presence.

Oxygen Bars for Entertainment Venues

oxygen bar karaoke

Transform your entertainment venue into the talk of the town with an oxygen bar where guests can enjoy a sensory experience that keeps them energized and ready for more fun. With the option of a professionally-designed immersion experience that can light up and elevate the mood of guests and party-goers, the oxygen+bar®is a novel way to enhance customer satisfaction and extend their stay. An oxygen bar also offers a unique VIP experience that can set your venue apart and offer an upscale amenity for discerning guests.

The History of Oxygen Bars

The concept of oxygen bars originated in Japan in the late 1980s for traffic officers to breathe fresh air after working amidst the polluted streets of major cities like Tokyo. The idea quickly spread to North America, with oxygen bars appearing in nightclubs, spas, health clubs, resorts, salons, and hotels in the late 90s.Woody Harlesson opened an oxygen bar in Los Angeles in 1997 that kicked off a frenzy of oxygen bars opening all across the continent. 

Their popularity waned as people began to see oxygen bars as a fad. However, as healthy living has become more a part of the zeitgeist and people have more access to information about improving their well-being, oxygen bars are again growing in popularity for the ways they make users feel centered and energized. 

Oxygen bars have become particularly popular at weddings, corporate events, and trade shows, They are an unbeatable conversation starter and a way to offer a distinctive experience that benefits the body and mind.

Your Minneapolis/St. Paul Oxygen Bar Experts

The pioneer and leader of recreational oxygen, Oxygen Plus is here to elevate your next experience with a rental of its energizing, versatile oxygen+bar®. 

Contact us to book your date and elevate your work, home and play experience! 

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