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O+ Uses Guide

You’re different every day. Breathe like it.

O+ Uses Guide

Morning jump or afternoon slump.

Stressful day at work or school.

Stale indoor or polluted air.

Daily commute in a crowded city.

Long Road trip.

Short Flight.

Long or international flight.

Visiting relatives at 3,000+ feet.

Hiking and Biking at 3,000+ feet.

Hiking Machu Picchu or Pike's peak.

Weight and cardio training.

Intense and high-impact workouts.

A late night on the town.

The morning after a big night out.

Blind dates and big news.

Mental cob webs or energy lull.


Each canister of O+ oxygen contains pure recreational oxygen for natural energy and recovery, so you'll have enough to get you through all life's big moments. Each and every one of life's situations requires a different level of O+ pure oxygen. You'll want to take a few deep breaths as-needed when you're feeling slow, tired, sluggish, stressed out, over-partied, jet-lagged or just plain lacking in the fresh air department.

Whether you're dozing off at the sight of the endless highway ahead, or just got some big news that left you breathless, Oxygen Plus (O+) pure recreational oxygen is a perfect pocket-sized pick me up to help you hit life head-on. No looking back. No exceptions. Why wait another moment? Let O+ power you through air quality, travel, study, elevation, sport and recovery.

Your mood, oxygen and energy levels are different every day. Without prior use or a pulse oximeter, it can be hard to know how much oxygen is best for a certain type of situation or activity. The following suggestions are here to help you know the amount of oxygen you'll want to breathe to take on the day. Each situation requires somewhere between 3 and 100 quick breaths of power-packed O+ to restore your body's O2 levels back to optimal levels, so you can  thrive. It really depends on you and what you're up to.


Usage guidelines may vary based on the individual, ambient air and activity level. O+ products are intended for recreational, intermittent use only, and are not to be used as a medical or life-saving device. WARNING: Persons with any type of health or medical condition should consult their physician prior to use of O+ products.

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