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O+ Points

Points Program

The O+ Points Program. Oh yeah.

Earn points and spend them on discounts.

It’s as easy as…well…breathing easy.

O+ Points Steps
Either log into your account or if you haven't created one yet, go do that here.
You can then access the O+ Points dashboard which appears on the bottom left of the screen.

What actions give you O+ Points?

  • Simplest way is to Buy... Buy... Buy and make sure to do reviews after. If you enter your birth date then we'll help you celebrate. As well as select social media interactions done through the O+ Points panel.
O+ Points Ways to Earn

What can I get with O+ Points?

  • Discounts! Yup that's right. You can get discount codes that you can apply during checkout. Through the O+ Points panel you can view all the things you can get. A sample of them below.
O+ Points Redemption Chart
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