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Restore and refresh with natural energy and recovery – without the side effects.
No calories. No carbs. No caffeine. No crash.

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Oxygen Plus (O+) – the pioneer and world's leader of portable recreational oxygen – is here for you anytime you need a lift.

O+ oxygen elevates your energy, increases your alertness, and restores your get up and go. The active ingredient is pure recreational oxygen, delivered at nearly four times the concentration of oxygen found in everyday, unpolluted air. Just a few deep breaths – through your mouth or your nose – helps revitalize, boost energy, increase alertness and mental clarity, and alleviate the effects of vigorous exercise, travel, altitude, poor air quality, and a night on the town.

Oxygen Plus portable oxygen canisters – the O+ Mini, the O+ Skinni, the O+ Biggi, and the O+ Elevate Pack – fit the lifestyles of the healthy and active. So whether you’re zapped by Air Quality, Travel, Study, Elevation, Sport or Recovery, simply inhale a few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus, and feel more like you again.

Why O+

Pure Recreational Oxygen

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Jumping time zones? Have too much fun last night? Recovering from a workout? Give yourself a lift with Oxygen Plus.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a student, or a jet-setter, breathing pure O+ oxygen can help you lead your active life with the zest you need – by helping to restore your body’s depleted oxygen levels to the normal, healthy levels — without any of the unwanted side effects found in other, unhealthy energy supplements, stimulants, and drinks.

Think + travel smarter with Oxygen Plus. Inhaling pure recreational oxygen helps improve focus and clarity and keeps you alert and energized during a long day at work or school. Recreational oxygen is also great for business or leisure travel, helping you ensure that you get where you’re going refreshed.

Play harder with portable oxygen. Athletes supplement with O+ oxygen to help increase their stamina and endurance while speeding up their recovery time. When used correctly, any serious athlete or active person looking for that extra edge will discover O+ oxygen is a must-have tool in their gym bag or hiking pack.

Elevation is a breeze with Oxygen Plus as your travel mate. Tourists, skiers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who go to higher elevation have found that O+ recreational oxygen helps to offset the effects of altitude, which can include mental fogginess, dizziness, fatigue and headaches.

Recover more quickly after a fun night out when you use O+ as your trusted wing-man. Oxygen Plus recreational oxygen helps combat the symptoms of a late night out and clears the fog after a big night out so you can get back to your daily life feeling like yourself. Don’t let the party ruin your fun.

So many reasons to breathe...

Long days. Short nights. Overworked. Under stress. Staying up too late. Getting up too early. Too much fun. Too little rest. Lack of exercise. Poor air quality. Jet lag. Altitude. Boredom. Fatigue. Creeping Crud. Head in mud.

Oxygen Plus – the leaders in portable, recreational oxygen – worldwide.

Oxygen Plus products are sleeker, more compact, lighter weight, push-button easy to use. O+’s flagship product – The Elevate Pack, featuring the O-Stick and refills – is so simple to use and replace it’s like changing batteries on a flashlight.

Offering a variety of unique Oxygen Plus canned oxygen canisters for your active lifestyle, Oxygen Plus is proud to offer healthy-minded individuals the best canister technology and value – in size and breaths – than any other oxygen product on the market.

Oxygen Plus, Inc. meets and exceeds the strictest product development and manufacturing standards to ensure you have a safe, functional product in hand while you’re on the go. Oxygen Plus canisters are tested and manufactured in North America, and are engineered, filled, quality-controlled in the U.S.A.

These commitments, supported by a fun, creative, energetic, brand-loving team, are what continue to set O+ apart from the competition. One of the first recreational oxygen companies to evolve, Oxygen Plus proudly remains the market leader of portable, recreational oxygen products worldwide.



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