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"We’re Not Blowing Hot Air" is a podcast – powered by Oxygen Plus (O+) – broadcast from O+'s worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

During this season of “We’re Not Blowing Hot Air,” we focus on mental wellness as we explore some of life’s biggest, most important questions. Each month, chosen experts across a variety of disciplines, will answer fascinating questions of the human heart. Lauren Carlstrom, the President of Oxygen Plus, and her guests, will offer a fresh perspective on age-old questions in a colorful, curious exploration of this thing called Life.

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On this episode of "We're Not Blowing Hot Air," Ryan explains why and how propaganda and disinformation spreads like the plague on social media and which social media platform he considers a “weapon system."
June 20

On this episode, Dr. Natalie Feinblatt – a licensed clinical psychologist who is an expert in trauma and addiction – explores the financial and emotional toll of aging experienced by both adult children and aging parents.
March 28

On this episode, we explore life's alluring question, "What’s the Meaning of Life?,” with Rick Alan Ross – a prominent figure and expert in the study of destructive cults and controversial movements like Jonestown, NXIVM and Heaven’s Gate.
March 04

On this episode, we explore life's pivotal question "What Is Love?" with Rick Ringbakk – an accomplished television director and producer who received two primetime Emmys for his work on "The Amazing Race."
March 04

Dr. Sarah Petrich reviews the ZOA and the diaphragm biomechanics during the breathing cycle. She then demonstrates three exercises that train the ZOA and strengthen one’s ability to acquire and maintain the ZOA with the coordination of the abdominal muscles.V
December 01

Dr. Sarah Petrich defines what a ZOA is, and the corresponding diaphragm biomechanics.
November 25

Dr. Sarah Petrich takes us through airflow and diaphragm mechanics of belly breathing, and why it is not the best way to breathe for posture or spine alignment.
November 19

Dr. Sarah Petrich demonstrates the tests she uses in the clinic to assess breathing mechanics and imbalances for her patients. See Part 1 for “Visual Signs Your Breathing Posture Is Impaired.
November 14

Dr. Sarah Petrich shares how your posture can hold clues or signs that your breath is impaired or unbalanced. See Part 2 for “Objective Tests” Your Breathing Posture Is Impaired.
October 28

Dr. Sarah Petrich will bring you through several signs and tests to assess whether you can breathe adequately through your nose.
October 04

On episode two, season three, of ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air,’ Dr. Sarah Petrich explains how the everyday way you move and hold your body is directly related to how you breathe.
July 17

On the first episode of Season Three of ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air,’ Dr. Jordan Shilts, Founder of Statera Health – a clinic specializing in functional medicine in Edina, Minnesota – chats with Lauren Carlstrom and new co-host, Robert Burns.
March 27

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