Breathing Series: "Are You Good Enough At Nose Breathing?" with Dr. Sa - Oxygen Plus

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October 04, 2023

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  • Dr. Sarah Petrich will bring you through several signs and tests to assess whether you can breathe adequately through your nose. She also walks you through easy ways to improve nasal breathing, and with whom you can consult with if the easy fixes don’t help. And, Dr. Sarah demonstrates an easy exercise to open up your upper airway and release neck tension.

    About Sarah Petrich, PT, DPT, PRC, NCPT:

    As a specialist in Postural Restoration, Pilates, & Dance Medicine, Dr. Sarah Petrich provides physical therapy and Pilates training focusing on re-balancing posture, alignment and breathing for patients and wellness clients. When not in the clinic or on zoom, she's often traveling around the nation teaching educational courses to healthcare professionals, Pilates instructors and other movement specialists. You can find her and her courses on her website or on Instagram at @drsarahpetrich.

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