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The complete Oxygen Plus (O+) product offering is available right here – at the online O+ Store. We’ll get your order to your door in just a few days.

You can also find O+ recreational oxygen products on the menu or in the gift shop and mini bar of luxury and boutique hotels in the U.S. and abroad. Oxygen Plus also elevates ski shops and other specialty recreation stores tucked away on a mountain top. Better spas and salons at sea-level – plus several travel, grocery, liquor and convenience stores – also carry Oxygen Plus.

For help in locating an O+ retailer near you, send us a message via Chat or Email O+.

The cells of the human body can only create energy if they have oxygen. And they must create energy to function. Oxygen research has shown that breathing increased oxygen-content air improves cognitive performance, including memory and reaction time. Research also shows recreational oxygen can help improve performance, endurance and recovery in sports. Most people who have tried Oxygen Plus report that they feel more alert and energetic after a few breaths of O+ oxygen. They often use it whenever they want to feel an invigorating boost - while traveling, in the morning, after or long day or late night out. 

Check out our reviews for actual O+ customer feedback on how Oxygen Plus helps elevate their everyday experience.

1. Exhale completely. 2. When you crave a breath, inhale O+ – ideally through your nose – as you press the actuator. 3. Inhale 3 to 5 breaths – or as much as you need – for energy and recovery. Three to five breaths usually does the trick. It just depends on what you’re up to. Some people inhale the whole can in one go if they’re working or playing hard, or in environments with low oxygen content.

You may notice more oxygen flows out during the first few breaths than it does for the last few breaths. To accommodate getting more oxygen as the canister nears its end, simply increase the time you press down on the actuator, and take longer breaths.

The O-Stick shell flows gently and pretty evenly on the first go nearly until the last – with its easy-pull lever. The O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Biggi are equally oxygen-power-packed, however they have a different release valve, and thus flow, than the refillable O-Stick. For this reason, you may have to press the button or trigger of an O+ Mini, O+ Skinni or O+ Biggi more firmly – and for less time – on your first few hits than you will on the last.

Each person’s response to breathing enriched oxygen will be different. The Oxygen Plus experience is not equivalent to an energy rush from a shot of caffeine or other energy stimulant. After a few breaths, you should feel invigorated — either a mental or physical boost or a sense of calm. If you were to ascend to an elevation 3,000 feet or higher than your normal elevation, the effect of breathing O+ oxygen would be more noticeable, both physically and mentally. If you’re using Oxygen Plus for intense exercise, you’ll likely find you perform better, feel stronger and more alert, and that you’ll have less exhaustion after working out.

If you’re not feeling the benefits of breathing O+, try taking more frequent, shorter breaths, and don’t hold the breath of oxygen in your lungs longer than you would when taking a normal deep breath. Note that your overall health and physicality, in addition to proper usage, play into how much O+ your body needs to feel the effects.

If you're not feeling the benefits of breathing Oxygen Plus, it may be helpful to consider the amount, way, and time you’re breathing:

Make sure you're breathing properly: 1) Exhale completely. 2) When you crave a breath, inhale O+ – ideally through your nose – as you press the actuator. 3). Inhale 3 to 5 breaths – or as much as you need –for energy and recovery.

In general, we suggest you breathe O+ oxygen when you're active – mentally or physically – and want a boost.

Consider if your oxygen levels are already topped off, or not topped off enough:

If you’re still not feeling the benefits of Oxygen Plus, try taking more frequent, shorter breaths, and don’t hold the breath of oxygen in your lungs longer than you would when taking a normal deep breath. Note that your overall health and physicality, in addition to proper usage, play into how much O+ your body needs to feel the effects.

If you want more guidance in learning when – and how much – Oxygen Plus your body needs to elevate your everyday life, pick up an oximeter (available for purchase at the O+ Store) until you’ve trained your body to recognize when it’s oxygen depleted.

All Oxygen Plus (O+) oxygen canisters are 100% recyclable after use. The small plastic we source for our products to dispense the oxygen are made of the most recyclable plastic in the world, are recyclable and BPA-free.

Environmentally-thoughtful and perfect for everyday use, the O-Stick dispensing shell (available with one starter O+ Refill or with the O+ Elevate Pack) is reusable and refillable. Simply load in a new recyclable O+ Refill into the O-Stick shell, and recycle the empty!

Sourcing our components as close to home as possible, Oxygen Plus is dedicated to elevating the world with the best pure recreational oxygen with a minimal carbon footprint. In fact, O+ has been a certified carbon-neutral company since 2022.

Oxygen Plus canisters are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go. But don't let their feather-light feel fool you; each canister is packed with 99.5% pure oxygen to ensure you get the most out of every breath. Our manufacturing technology provides a lot of pure oxygen in each canister!

FYI, oxygen is notweightless – it is lightweight (like ambient air), with an atomic mass of
15.999 u.

Shaking the canister does not indicate its fill level. To assess, press the actuating button to feel or hear the flow. Initially stronger, the oxygen flow decreases with each breath. The canister is empty when the flow stops while the button is depressed.

If you still have questions, reach out. We’re here to offer tips on how to optimize your O+ experience.

Under normal atmospheric conditions, ambient air contains 21% oxygen. That’s without considering the presence of compromised or polluted air. Oxygen Plus (O+) products are enriched with a much higher concentration of oxygen – nearly five times the amount of oxygen in the everyday air we breathe.

“Recreational oxygen,” a term that has become somewhat synonymous with "supplemental oxygen," "portable oxygen," and “canned oxygen,” applies to any oxygen product that is neither medical (prescription) oxygen or industrial oxygen. A stationary oxygen bar is also considered recreational oxygen, even though the oxygen creation process and purity differs from quality canned oxygen products like Oxygen Plus.

Unique to the industry, our FDA-registered facility ensures the purity of our oxygen products. Adhering to strict Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs), our rigorous filling process ensures our source gas (Aviator Breathing Oxygen (ABO), which is 99.5% pure oxygen) is transfilled into our lightweight aluminum canisters without any chance of impurity or cross-contamination.

While difficult to measure the actual amount a person inhales, the percentage of oxygen used to fill Oxygen Plus is 99.5% oxygen, and why Oxygen Plus is fittingly called "pure recreational oxygen." Oh yeah.

Good question. Check out all of the research and studies about Oxygen Plus, recreational oxygen and supplemental oxygen on our oxygen research page to learn about the science behind the benefits of breathing enriched oxygen.

It is our experience that a high-quality pulse oximeter is a great tool to "read" your blood-oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) – before, during and after you breathe Oxygen Plus (O+). It's a great way to spot check if your oxygen levels are low, and see when you're topped off. If you're new to using O+ in your daily life, it can be especially helpful to put an oximeter on your finger while you're inhaling O+ so you can see where you are, see it increase, and see when you've reach optimal oxygen levels (which normally falls between 96 to 100 percent SpO2).

Usually an SpO2 reading increases with each breath of O+, if and as the product is properly inhaled. However, we cannot guarantee this experience happens every time because there are too many variables we cannot control (e.g., the oximeter may not be functioning properly, an individual may not be using O+ properly). Please note O+ products, as well as the use of an oximeter with O+ products, is intended only for recreational use and is not a medical or lifesaving device. Thus, we cannot make any statements about a medical condition and any medically-related use of an oximeter with O+ products (see “PRECAUTION” on the canister).

Each Oxygen Plus product works a little differently, and offers various sizes and number of breaths that will invigorate and sustain various activities.

The O-Stick, which is the refillable shell that loads in O+ Refills, flows gently – even on the first go – with an easy push of a button.

The O+ Mini and O+ Skinni are equally portable, however they have a different actuator or button that dispenses the oxygen than the O-Stick. For this reason, you may have to press the button of an O+ Mini, O+ Skinni more firmly on your first few hits.

The O+ Biggi – our largest product to date – has a trigger instead of a button that dispenses the oxygen, and is perfect for when you want more oxygen on the go.

In every oxygen spray, you may notice more oxygen is released during the first few breaths than in the last few breaths. To  accommodate, simply increase the time you press down on the release valve and breathe in a little longer. Check out our Compare Products chart to see which O+ products best suit you and your active lifestyle.

O+ products can easily fit in a purse, pack or briefcase with room to spare. Whether in a bar, the subway or in a stale office environment with poor air quality, the portability of O+ products offers the convenience of a sleek design that travels with you.

We generously define an O+ breath or a “deep” breath as equaling approximately two seconds long. The way other recreational canned oxygen companies define a breath varies. Some define a breath as one second long. So, keep this in mind if you’re shopping for oxygen products. You might be interested to know an accurate way to compare products is to look at the volume of oxygen per canister volume – or the price per liters (litres) in a canister. Oxygen Plus products offer more oxygen per can volume than any other canned oxygen of comparable-sized canisters on the market.

Your body is designed to function on 21% oxygen in the air you breathe. Polluted or stale air usually contains less than 21% oxygen, which can impede optimal functioning of your cells. Most importantly, your brain cells are the first affected, resulting in impaired reaction time and judgment. For natural energy and recovery, active, wellness-minded people who work and play hard breathe Oxygen Plus to restore depleted oxygen levels to optimal levels. Since it is difficult to monitor atmospheric oxygen, we suggest trying a few quick breaths of O+ to help you feel mentally sharper, more alert and energetic.

O+ can be used every day. We recommend using O+ any time you may be experiencing depleted oxygen levels – i.e., at a higher elevation, during and after intense exercise, where air pollution and stale air are prevalent, after a late night out. Note that all Oxygen Plus products are for recreational, intermittent use only. Prolonged use is defined as uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours. WARNING: Persons with any type of health or medical condition should consult their physician prior to use of products.

The benefits of supplemental oxygen have varying durations, depending on the individual and the benefit. The feeling of alertness and mental clarity has been shown to last several minutes. Often the “feelings” of using supplemental oxygen depend on what you’re doing, your starting blood oxygen level, and how well you are breathing, among other things. 

Portable and lightweight, you can always top off depleted oxygen levels to optimal when you're on the go.

Traveling by air can lower your body’s oxygen saturation levels by as much as 12%. A few deep breaths of O+ after a long flight can help you get where you’re going refreshed. You can have your O+ shipped directly to your destination – if it’s not already in the hotel mini bar. Currently, commercial airline passengers are not allowed to bring canned recreational oxygen in checked or carry-on luggage.

Although the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is uniform at all elevations, lower barometric pressures at higher altitudes allow all molecules in the air to expand so each breath contains fewer oxygen molecules. The larger molecule problem can be counteracted by increasing the oxygen concentration of the air you breathe or by acclimatizing to the higher elevation over a period of weeks. Not being acclimatized can result in shortness of breath during exertion, hyperventilation, and more. During use, O+ products can supply a higher concentration of oxygen that simulates being at lower altitude.

Oxygen Plus canisters are very durable. They are made from extremely thick aluminum and are designed and able to withstand extremely high pressure – including the increased pressure at higher elevation.

As long as the canister is not exposed to heat (e.g. a canister is left in a hot car) above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re good to go. This important extreme heat precaution is listed on each canister for safety.

You may notice the flow of oxygen is different – perhaps a bit slower – at extremely high elevation because oxygen molecules become less dense as atmospheric pressure decreases. We suggest bringing a handful of O+ oxygen on your next mountain adventure to elevate your experience.

Not advised. Although oxygen gas is non-flammable, a compressed oxygen canister vigorously accelerates fire and flames. In case you’re wondering, the cylinders worn by firefighters contain normal, ambient air.

Each O+ oxygen product states “Best by 24 months from fill date” - with the fill date - on the canister. The fill date is located on the bottom of the canister. While the gas of oxygen itself never expires, we added this "shelf life" (or product lifespan timeframe) to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase. After 24 months, O+ products will still work and are safe to use if stored as directed, however a user may experience slightly fewer “breaths.” FYI, a canister that's been opened or used does not expire any faster than an unopened canister.

To provide more detail, while the oxygen content inside the canister does not degrade over time, there is a possibility that a slight loss of pressure in the canister may occur after a 24 month period due to atmospheric pressure and temperature changes. That is why it is important that the product is stored properly in a cool, dry place and does not exceed 49° C/ 120° F.  Oxygen Plus stability testing has shown the contents of O+ products (pure recreational oxygen) retain integrity well after the 24 month period.

O+ is a recreational product intended solely for intermittent use. (Prolonged use is defined as uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours). Since O+ is not a medical product or intended for medical use, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA. Setting the bar in recreational oxygen, Oxygen Plus is the only company that manufacturers its products in a clean room environment at a FDA-Registered Facility, producing each canister of oxygen with strict Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) that offer the assurance our customers are breathing the very best.

Oxygen Plus is safe for healthy people of all ages when using the product as directed. As the canister is pressured with a compressed, oxidizing gas, it is recommended that children use it with adult supervision as a safety precaution. People with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with their physician prior to using O+ products. Oxygen Plus products are for recreational, intermittent use only. Prolonged use is defined as uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours.

Oxygen Plus is safe for healthy people of all ages when used as directed. O+ is pure recreational oxygen, intended for short-term, intermittent use. We suggest you consult your veterinarian prior to giving your pet Oxygen Plus.

While Oxygen Plus has not been studied or tested in household pets, a dog or cat that has or is exposed to lower than normal, healthy oxygen levels (which are between 96 to 99% SpO2), may experience the effects of low-blood oxygen (LBO), and replenish depleted levels if the animal inhales the product.

There are no side effects when O+ products are used as directed.

While it varies based on your shipping location, Oxygen Plus (O+) Standard shipping time is between 4 to 10 business days, and our Expedited shipping time spans 2 to 7 business days. FYI, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires all oxygen canisters - including recreational and medical oxygen vessels - to ship via ground transportation.

Shipping to a P.O. Box:

We can ship to a P.O. Box, however only via our Standard shipping option. The Expedited shipping option cannot be received at a P.O. Box and will be returned to sender.

Shipping to Non-Standard Mail Addresses:

Be sure to select our Expedited shipping option if do not get regular, daily USPS (U.S. Mail Delivery) mail at your address. Orders for which this Expedited shipping is required include: “Addresses with no mail receptacles, addresses for which delivery was never requested, remote addresses miles from established routes, abandoned addresses and non-occupied dwellings.”

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico:

While the U.S. Department of Transportation requires orders to ship via Ground in the U.S., shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is possible, yet may be cost prohibitive. Contact O+ if you're interested.

If we’re not in your backyard, we will be soon.

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We are temporarily unable to ship to Canada. However, we are currently working on resolving this, and expect to resume shortly. Contact Us with your name and email address and we will be in touch as soon as we resume shipping to Canada.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is possible, but may be cost may be prohibitive. Residents of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico wanting a small shipment, please call us at (866) 675-8711 or email O+ at orders@oxygenplus.com before placing an online order to determine shipping cost and availability. 

Wholesalers in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico with interest in establishing an account, please reach out via email and we'll find a solution.

International wholesalers, please reach out and our International Team will reach out to you via email within a few business days. Please include your Name (first and last), Company Name (if applicable), Country data, and an email address when you Contact Us.

Yes, we can ship to a P.O. Box, however the order must ship via FedEx SmartPost, which is the Standard shipping option. The Expedited shipping option, which is FedEx Ground, will not ship to a P.O. Box and will be returned to sender.

Oxygen Plus believes in providing the highest standard of quality in its products and we put our money where our mouth is by offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you purchase through oxygenplus.com. Just let us know why you're not happy with your order along with your order details and we'll go from there!

The first consumer-friendly recreational oxygen company to evolve, Oxygen Plus (O+) proudly remains the pioneer and market leader of portable, recreational oxygen products worldwide.

O+ products are sleek, compact, durable, lightweight, and push-button ready-to-use. Our flagship product – The O+ Elevate Pack, featuring the O-Stick and O+ Refills – is so simple to use and replace it’s like changing batteries in a flashlight. The O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Biggi are designed for portability and style - so they can go wherever you go – anytime you need a lift of pure energy and recovery.  Oxygen Plus products offer more high-quality oxygen per volume – and thus value – than any other comparable-sized oxygen product on the market – worldwide. Available in a variety of sizes, packs and consumer-friendly prices, Oxygen Plus goes further to ensure O+ goes where you go.

Oxygen Plus, Inc. meets and exceeds the industry standards for product development and manufacturing in order to ensure you have a safe and functional product in hand while you’re on the go. Setting the bar in recreational oxygen, Oxygen Plus is the only company who manufactures its product in a clean room at a FDA-registered facility. O+ products are designed, engineered, assembled, filled and quality-controlled in the U.S.A. These commitments, supported by a fun, creative, energetic, women-owned and operated brand-loving team from the heartland of the Midwest, is what sets O+ apart from "the competition."

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