Air Quality

Pollution, long road trip or commute?

Sometimes rolling the window up or down isn’t enough.

Out of gas? Breathe Oxygen Plus (O+) portable canned oxygen to make a long trip more enjoyable. O+ oxygen helps to restore the body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels so you can focus on what’s most important — the road ahead. The active ingredient is pure recreational oxygen, delivered at nearly four times the concentration found in ambient air. Whether you’re a professional driver, face a long commute to work each day, or live or are traveling in a city with polluted air, O+ oxygen can help you:

  • Stay more alert behind the wheel
  • Diminish your exposure to stale and polluted air
  • Reduce feelings of drowsiness and fatigue
  • Lessen the exposure to pollutants like exhaust fumes and other poor indoor and outdoor air

…because sometimes simply rolling the window up — or down — just isn’t enough.

Long-distance drives are no problem when you keep a stash of O+ oxygen in the glove compartment. Stock up with the O+ Elevate Pack, which comes with the refillable O-Stick and 2 starter refills. Or try the even more compact and 100% recyclable O+ Skinni. Both stylish portable oxygen canisters contain more than 50 deep breaths of pure recreational oxygen and filled and quality-controlled in the U.S.

Oxygen Plus is a revolutionary way to get a quick energy boost behind the wheel, and to diminish the effects of pollution and poor air quality. A compact, easy-to-use O+ oxygen canister gives you an instant boost while you’re on the go. Make sure you have your Oxygen Plus at your travel destination to help you sustain vitality, decrease stress, optimize athletic performance, combat altitude problems, improve mental clarity and alertness, and enjoy life — so you feel more like you again. O+ canisters are made from recyclable aluminum and are 100 percent recyclable after use for an eco-friendly lift on and off the road.

See faqs and oxygen research for more on oxygen, alertness and pollution.



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