Party like an ageless rock star?

O+ is the perfect wing man.

Got oxygen? Elevate your energy and recovery the smart and natural way with Oxygen Plus (O+) pure recreational canned oxygen. Inhaling O+ portable oxygen can help you feel, and party, like a rock star. An oxygen bar in your back pocket, Oxygen Plus helps to restore your body’s oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels — before, during or after a night on the town — so you feel more like you again.

O+ oxygen is your go-to wing-man for:

  • Combating the symptoms of alcohol consumption
  • Recovering from post-party fog
  • Boosting energy before, during, or after a big night out
  • Keeping you alert, focused, and ready for the morning
  • Reviving energy levels with an all-natural alternative to caffeine

Breathe enough O+ when you need it, and suddenly, you’re more awake, more alert, and more alive. The active ingredient in O+ portable oxygen canisters is pure recreational oxygen, which can give your body the invigorating boost it needs to improve mental clarity and recover from the effects of a night on the town. The amount you need will vary depending on your body and your activity level, so it’s important you use O+ oxygen when your body’s oxygen levels have been lowered, and that you breathe enough O+ oxygen to restore your body’s oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels — which are between 96% — 99% SpO2. When used properly, recreational oxygen is an instant, side-effect free way to help you recover from the effects of late nights, including low energy levels, a foggy head, and physical exhaustion.

Part of a perfect party toolkit, O+ Elevate Pack includes the revolutionary, reuseable O-Stick and 2 starter refills. Each Oxygen Plus canister contains more than 50 deep breaths of pure recreational oxygen. Oxygen Plus products are filled and quality-controlled in the U.S., are 100 percent recyclable, and are a safe, healthy energy boost whenever, wherever — at the bar or the boardroom.

Long days. Short nights. Overworked. Under stress. Staying up too late. Getting up too early. Too much fun. Too little rest. Lack of exercise. Poor air quality. Jet lag. Altitude. Boredom. Fatigue. Creeping Crud. Head in mud.


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