O+O+ BiggiO+ Biggi

Need an extra boost of Oxygen Plus (O+) pure recreational oxygen? Take a deep breath of the O+ Biggi. This mega-size canister is our biggest oxygen product yet, with 220 breaths of pure recreational oxygen per canister. One O+ Biggi contains seven liters of pure oxygen in a sleek canister that stands just 11.25 inches tall - beating the rest in size and breaths. Take your O+ Biggi portable oxygen with you on your next big adventure, whether you're scaling a mountain, scoring a goal, or facing a particularly stressful week at work.

O+ Biggi - 2-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 6-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 9-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 18-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Biggi - 36-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Holiday Cheer Pack - 9-pack Bundle - Oxygen Plus
O+ Lovers Pack - 6-pack Bundle - Oxygen Plus

This power-packed pick-me-up is the oxygen upgrade for big-time sport enthusiasts and active lifestyles that want to go further with pure, natural energy and recovery.

Each disposable O+ Biggi canister includes a designer face mask that provides an easy, effective way to take in the ideal amount of pure recreational oxygen with every breath. To use, simply place the mask to your mouth, squeeze the trigger and inhale.

At the Oxygen Plus Store, you can buy the O+ Biggi in a several quantities, ranging from a starter 2-pack to a bulk-size pack of 36 canisters. The O+ Biggi, the "big brother" to our more compact O+ Mini and O+ Skinni and O+ Elevate Pack, offers an incredible value and experience - wherever and whenever you need it most.

Why Oxygen Plus? Oxygen Plus is the only recreational oxygen filled in the U.S.A. in a FDA-registered facility.