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Ski, board, bike, hike - or float - at altitude?

In the mountains, altitude can literally take your breath away.

Feeling the altitude? Introducing Oxygen Plus (O+). Pure recreational oxygen from Oxygen Plus helps you elevate and recover in a safe and healthy way when you’re at a higher elevation. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking or floating at altitude, breathing O+ oxygen — at the beginning, middle, and end of your day — instantly helps offset the negative effects of altitude, so you feel more like you again. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts use the, compact yet oxygen-packed, on-the-go boost offered by O+ to maximize their mountaintop experience.

Oxygen Plus portable recreational oxygen helps:

  • Reduce the effects of altitude, including feeling tired and short of breath
  • Restore mental clarity and alertness at elevation
  • Optimize athletic performance at higher altitudes
  • Speed up muscle recovery, and reduce soreness, after skiing, hiking or biking

Restore your mental and physical gusto to sea-level status quo with the compact O+ Skinni Sport. An instant ski lift that fits in your ski jacket pocket, the slim and sturdy design of the O+ Skinni, or the even smaller O+ Mini, can help increase your stamina and prevent the soreness after vigorous exercise. The benefits of breathing O+ portable oxygen before, during and after hiking, skiing, mountain biking are even more noticeable at higher elevations. Oxygen Plus helps supplement your body to the oxygen levels you’re used to operating at at lower elevations, helping to diminish the effects of altitude, so feel like more like you again.

When you’re in a high-altitude environment, the barometric pressure cause air molecules to expand, so each breath you take contains fewer oxygen molecules. Oxygen Plus products directly solves this “large air molecule” problem by quickly delivering enriched oxygen on-demand. O+ oxygen is concentrated to more than 4 times the amount of oxygen in unpolluted air at sea level. When your body is adjusting to a higher elevation without the proper concentration of oxygen, you may experience mental fogginess, tiredness, shortness of breath during exertion or even difficulty catching your breath when you’re at rest. Anyone with any medical condition should consult their doctor and prior to the use of O+ products, and anyone experiencing altitude sickness should seek immediate medical assistance. O+ is designed for healthy, active people who want a quick oxygen supplement — at elevation and beyond. Give yourself a lift with Oxygen Plus.

See faqs and oxygen research for more on the benefits of oxygen at altitude.

So many reasons to breathe...

Long days. Short nights. Overworked. Under stress. Staying up too late. Getting up too early. Too much fun. Too little rest. Lack of exercise. Poor air quality. Jet lag. Altitude. Boredom. Fatigue. Creeping Crud. Head in mud.



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