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March 04, 2024

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  • On this episode, we explore life's alluring question, "What’s the Meaning of Life?,” with Rick Alan Ross – a prominent figure and expert in the study of destructive cults and controversial movements like Jonestown, NXIVM and Heaven’s Gate. A cult intervention specialist, media consultant and court expert who testifies in high-profile cult-related legal cases, Rick shares how his life’s work – educating people about destructive cults – gives him, and others, important meaning. Author of the well-researched, resourceful book, “Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out," Rick shares how he was introduced to a destructive cult at his grandmother’s nursing home, and offers stimulating facts, deep truths and personal experiences that illustrate how people who join cults aren’t the only ones seeking a greater purpose in this world. Learn more about what a cult is – and why meaning and logical thinking are critical in our modern world – in this special episode of “We’re Not Blowing Hot Air.”

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    Oxygen Plus powers “We’re Not Blowing Hot Air.” Nice Guy Creative Services is our producer, and brought the beats. Lauren Carlstrom is creator and host. Arlene Appelbaum is editor.

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