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Canned Oxygen, The New Way To Yoga High?

August 24, 2016 2 min read

    Canned Oxygen, The New Way To Yoga High?

    We’ve heard of canned laughter, but canned air? It’s a gas! Har. It may sound hilarious at first, but apparently it’s not a joke. A new product is being marketed to the yoga lot and it’s literally canned oxygen.

    When we first heard about it we couldn’t help imagining a world where we go around sipping air from a can like it’s normal, and dating ourselves with this reference from one of our favorite movies:

    Nevertheless, this is not a farce! Oxygen Plus (O+) makes real life canned oxygen. They’re called recreational oxygen supplements, which makes it sound both a little healthy and a touch dangerous, like you’re doing something good for you that’s also a little risky — “she was busted for recreational oxygen use.” A new way to get that yoga high. It’s so hip, they actually refer to the doses as hits, and they come in flavors. Like vaping, for the yoga set. You can start with the regular old oxygen or go straight to the O-puff with cannabis leaf. Seriously. (This is all legal by the way, so far as we know.)

    Hangover recovery seems to be the main selling point, but we suppose the yoga angle works, too.

    According to the Oxygen Plus (O+) website, their canned air will help enhance your yoga practice — taking Ujjayi breathing “to new heights” — and increase breath awareness:

    The healthy ritual of picking up a canister and inhaling the oxygen before, or periodically throughout, the practice, has become a gracious, symbolic gesture that reminds a yogi that most of the benefits of yoga is from, and about, the breath.

    We spend a lot of time focused on the breath in yoga. In fact, it often becomes the most important element of the practice, above any fancy poses or vinyasa-ing, acting as the bridge between the body and the mind, so maybe this is the airwave of the future. Or maybe pretty soon we won’t have to do any yoga at all because portable oxygen and stretching devices will create all the benefits for us! Kidding. We think.

    You can get your recreational oxygen starter kit for $39.99, and looks of wtf for free.

    Now take a nice deep breath.

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