Oxygen Plus (O+)

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Oxygen Plus (O+)

May 03, 2016 1 min read

    Oxygen Plus (O+)

    I know I could benefit from an extra boost of energy during my afternoon slump. Face it: we have all been there: car-pool time, homework is horrendous, what is for dinner and the yawning doesn’t stop. Fatigue is always the reason and maybe one of the reasons we are so tired is because we do not have the right level of oxygen in our bodies.

    I received a sample of Oxygen Plus (O+) and while I was leery to try it I am so glad that I did. The canister weighs just about nothing and contains 95% pure oxygen to get you back in the game and way from the terribly polluted air around us.

    This product comes in a few flavor options: Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit; I have the peppermint and find it really refreshing! I have the “O+ Stick” which carries 40+ breaths per canister; this means you can use it up to 12 times before you need a new one (other smaller options also exist).

    There are so many great reasons to use this product; I have to say originally I was like “why would someone need this” and now I am thinking “everyone should have this”.
    Other than helping you get through the mid-day exhaustion, O+ is also great for athletic stamina, recovering from your late night out or even when skiing or hiking at higher elevations.

    I am surely becoming a huge fan! Just 3-5 breaths usually gets you back to where you want to be! Visit http://www.oxygenplus.com/ for more information.

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