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Oxygen Plus: The New, Natural Energy Enhancer

July 10, 2016 1 min read

    Oxygen Plus: The New, Natural Energy Enhancer

    O+ is a line of recreational, portable oxygen products that deliver 95% pure oxygen in sleek, lightweight, travel-sized canisters. The product info explains that taking 3-5 deep breaths of O+ helps boost energy levels, and muscles recover faster from fatigue. It also aids in increasing physical stamina and more. O+ products are available in three different flavors (Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit) and are assembled, quality-controlled, and filled in the USA. Retails $32.49 (for a pack of 3).

    I had the opportunity to sample the Natural and Peppermint flavors. My 13 year old son tried them as well. We loved the scent of the Peppermint. For us, it was hard to tell the immediate effectiveness, but I love the concept, and will try it further.

    These are great for hikes, workouts and active travel when you need an extra boost, especially if you’re visiting or live at a higher altitude. I’m gonna be sure to pack these for an upcoming trip.

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