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Are You Still Drinking Coffee? We Switched To Pure Oxygen

March 13, 2016 3 min read

    Are You Still Drinking Coffee? We Switched To Pure Oxygen

    The rush for using pure oxygen to stay alert – There’s no secret anymore that the quality of air has been decreasing in the past decade with the ozone layer thinning out and the gas emission pollution reaching an all time high. But the idea of having to breathe canned oxygen is still something that we at least like to think will never happen.

    With that in mind, the health-conscious, especially the ones living in high smog areas like Los Angeles, New York and other big metropolitan areas, understand the value of recreational pure oxygen. We reached out to Oxygen Plus (O+) one of the biggest manufacturers of recreational oxygen products to get the scoop on this pure oxygen trend. The cans deliver 95% pure oxygen in stylish, purse and pocket-sized canisters that consumers can easily carry and breathe whenever oxygen levels are depleted from pollution, poor air quality, and other stresses of modern life.

    It turns out celebrities like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Mick Jagger, and Kim Kardashian use oxygen recreationally to increase feelings of vitality, to recover more quickly, and improve focus and mental clarity. “Oxygen can help combat damage from increased energy levels,” explains Dr. Kelly Bender, ND of the Pure Vitality Center in Los Angeles. “Discussions on the positive effects of pure oxygen on human cells are leaning towards the ability oxygen has to make them stronger.”

    While the research on the subject is extensive and the benefits seem to be countless from speedy recoveries, better mental clarity, slowing down the effects of aging, we decided to bypass the science and do our own little research. Here’s what we found out after a week of using Oxygen Plus:

    1. Alleviates the effects of jetlag. I happen to get my first Oxygen Plus can right as I was getting back from a long trip. Over the years, I’ve built my own strategies of dealing with jetlag and for the most part they’re quite effective, but Oxygen Plus was a complete game changer. I would use it right around those times in late afternoon when I really wanted a nap and it would bring me back up to reality.

    2. Increased energy. For some people, not drinking coffee takes them to a realm of panic, anger and drowsiness spanning a variety of feelings none of which are too positive. Using Oxygen Plus instead of all those caffeinated drinks made us more awake and gave us more energy than coffee ever could.

    3. Better mood. Oxygen Plus helps bring more oxygen to the brain, which results in a better mood and better attitude altogether.

    4. Better recovery after exercise. You know that feeling after you’ve gone for a long run, that feeling that you can’t catch your breath and your heart is about to pop out of your chest. A few pumps of Oxygen Plus after that run and that feeling actually went a way.

    5. No fatigue. We all have those moments when we feel completely drained of energy, when we’re not just tired, we’re completely fatigued. Well Oxygen Plus helped with that too. No more fatigue, no more drained feeling.

    Antonella James, a fitness expert says that “Oxygen Plus is known as the Evian of the air industry, you see the oxygen cans come out when people are stressed, tired, queasy, shredding the slopes in high elevation or recovering from a night out.”

    Why are you still drinking coffee?

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