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What Is Canned Oxygen and When Do You Use It?

September 07, 2017 5 min read

What Is Canned Oxygen and When Do You Use It?

Canned oxygen is a game-changer. It’s an effective, all-natural energy supplement and recovery aid that can help you feel…well, more like your best you again! Unlike other energy supplements or energy alternatives, its side effect-free with no carbs, no calories, no caffeine, and no crash. Yet oxygen in a can goes further. Let’s explore what’s inside a can of Oxygen Plus (O+) and see what quality oxygen can do for you and when you will want to use it.

What is Canned Oxygen?

Canned oxygen is oxygen that’s delivered to your mouth or nose, most commonly from an aluminum canister (or more accurately, a cylinder) through a pressurized mechanism (not a propellant) when the user depresses the actuator and inhales. Inside every quality can of oxygen, you’ll find pure oxygen, which is more aptly defined and described as “recreational oxygen.” 

In 2003, Oxygen Plus – the pioneers and leaders of the growing category – placed “canned oxygen” into the category of “recreational oxygen” with the introduction of the world’s first truly consumer-friendly, portable, lightweight canned oxygen products: The O+ Mini and O-Stick

“Recreational oxygen,” a term that has become somewhat synonymous with “canned oxygen,” essentially applies to any oxygen product that is neither medical nor industrial oxygen. A stationary oxygen bar would also be considered “recreational oxygen” even though the oxygen creation process and purity differs from quality canned oxygen products. Starting at the same purity as medical, industrial or aviator’s breathing oxygen (ABO), the oxygen from quality recreational oxygen products naturally mix with some ambient air as the user inhales, thus lowering the total percentage of oxygen inhaled, due to the process or application of breathing from a canister. Therefore, while impossible to measure, the actual percentage of O2 delivered with each breath is closer to 97% oxygen due to the process or application of breathing O+. 

In addition, in contrast to other oxygen delivery systems in the United States and other countries, canned oxygen does not require an individual to sit still or be tied to a machine, insert a cannula, maintain a steady flow rate of O2, nor does it require a prescription from a doctor. Unlike medical or industrial oxygen, recreational oxygen products are not regulated by the FDA, but rather are designed for, and intended to be used intermittently, by people whose oxygen levels are occasionally depleted as a consequence of living an active, healthy lifestyle. Recreational oxygen products like Oxygen Plus are not intended to be used for medical or life-saving purposes and any person with any type of health or medical condition should consult their physician prior to use of Oxygen Plus products. 

Oxygen Plus products contain no added flavors, scents, aerosols, fillers, toxins, chemicals or preservatives. Quite a refreshing thing to hear – and be able to breathe – in our modern, over-industrialized world! 

Oxygen in a Can is Great to Use When…

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to when and where you should inhale a few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus. Here are some of the best uses we’ve found for O+ oxygen in a can: 

After a Long Flight

Anyone who’s ever been stuck on a commercial plane ride for more than three hours knows that the struggle is real. At cruising altitude, airline cabins have lower-than-normal air pressure and oxygen levels - with blood oxygen saturation up to 10% lower than normal (Boosting Your Energy). Airplane cabins are not pressurized to sea level, so passengers on long-haul flights are exposed to reduced oxygen pressure for periods of up to 18 hours at a time (Geertsema).

Add airport security measures, increased flight delays, bad food, layovers and sometimes excess consumption of alcohol or caffeine products, you may feel drained, exhausted and disoriented when you travel by commericial air. All you want to do is lay in bed, but you’re in a new destination and want to take full advantage of the experience. So, you suffer through it. 

With canned oxygen from Oxygen Plus, you can hit the ground running. Breathing O+ oxygen helps you instantly alleviate the common symptoms of jet lag and air travel by providing a pure boost of quality oxygen when you land. If your oxygen levels are depleted, a few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus can help you feel like you never left the ground! 

Note that currently in the U.S., canned oxygen cannot be taken on commercial planes. But don’t fret: We can ship your supply of Oxygen Plus directly to you at your destination. Anywhere except a P.O. Box. 

After a Long Night

Sometimes a late night out brings on a rough next morning. Alcohol consumption can deplete the oxygen content in your bloodstream. Supplementing your body with oxygen helps increases the amount of oxygen to the body's cells, serving as an aid to help lessen, and recover from, the negative effects of hangovers. People who occasionally over-indulge have found that extra oxygen intake helps them recover more quickly, helping to fight off the symptoms of a late night out. 

When Spending Time in a Highly-Polluted Area

Whether you live in a big city or are taking a trip to a metropolis, you may want a canister of O+ oxygen on-hand to help diminish your exposure to polluted and stale air. Sadly, air pollution is prominent in our world today, and it can impact your mental and physical well-being. Air pollution is often identified by the visibility of 'brown' air, however, harmful levels of pollutants can be present even in clear conditions. Poor outdoor air quality or high levels of pollution contains particulate matter, which can hinder your body from receiving the oxygen levels it needs to function at its optimal level. With a boost of O+ oxygen, you can combat the effects of air pollution, which can include fatigue, stress, anxiety…the list goes on. 

In the Mornings to Give you a Jolt of Energy

For the people who want an alternative – or want to add an additional elevating experience – to a cup of coffee, have a few big hits of Oxygen Plus. O+ oxygen is an all-natural alternative to caffeine – without any calories, carbs or that common caffeine crash. If your oxygen levels are depleted, breathing O+ canned oxygen can restore your body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels, helping you feel more alert, alive…more like you again. Conveniently portable and effective at any elevation or temperature up to 125°F, O+ canned oxygen can be used anytime you want an energy boost or recovery aid – morning, day, or night – without any side effects. 

When Training or Exercising to Enhance Athletic Performance, Increase Endurance and Speed Up Recovery

Oxygen is key to optimal athletic performance, helping to improve your endurance and speed up your muscle recovery. Lack of oxygen at the cellular level is essentially why you start breathing heavily during an intense workout – your brain and body need more oxygen. So next time you’re working out, set your goals, and introduce O+ pure recreational oxygen into your training program. When used correctly for your desired goal, oxygen can be a powerful tool that can help improve the results of your physical fitness and athletic performance. 

Fueled by their founding principle belief that everyone deserves access to breathe pure oxygen when and where they want it, Oxygen Plus has made canned oxygen part of the modern-day, everyday lifestyle of people of all ages and interests who want to go further and feel their best. Dedicated to making the world a healthier place to live and breathe, Oxygen Plus portable recreational oxygen products are there – any time your mind or body wants a lift.

So whenever your oxygen levels are depleted from Air Quality, Travel, Study, Elevation, Sport or Recovery – take a deep breath of pure energy and recovery from Oxygen Plus.



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