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Oxygen Bars vs Portable Oxygen Guide: Mobility of Canned Oxygen

April 19, 2017 2 min read

Oxygen Bars vs Portable Oxygen Guide: Mobility of Canned Oxygen

Here at Oxygen Plus (O+), we're big believers in pure oxygen. While posting up at an oxygen bar can give you some of the same great benefits of breathing pure oxygen as portable O2, there's one aspect of canned oxygen that trumps its stationary counterpart: portability. Here's how you can take advantage of an oxygen boost wherever you go. Got oxygen?

  • At Work - Studies show that those who breathe pure oxygen show a significant improvement in cognitive performance and perform better on recall tests and reaction time (Scholey). Keep a canister of pure O+ oxygen in your desk drawer to keep your brain sharp and to combat mental fogginess and fatigue. Portable oxygen is also a great choice for students looking to improve memory and stay engaged during all-night study sessions.
  • At Play - Take your pocket-sized portable oxygen with you in your bag for a night out to help deter the effects of consuming too much alcohol. When you breathe pure oxygen, you're giving your body the tools it needs to recover faster. Plus, you can use O+ to help boost your energy before, during and after a big night out. And you won't have to wrangle your sidekicks to make the trek to the oxygen bar, either!
  • At the Gym- Keeping a can of portable oxygen in your gym bag can help you stay energized before, during or after an intense workout. It can also help your muscles recover more quickly from exercise and help combat muscle fatigue by helping the body avoid producing excess lactic acid, which leads to muscle fatigue (Wilbur).
  • When You Travel- Toss a canister of O+ in your weekend bag (or have it shipped straight to your destination when you travel by air) to make sure your body is well-equipped to handle the effects of jet lag and exposure to stale, stuffy airport air.


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