Travel for business or leisure?

It can be a long, hard road.

Seize the day with Oxygen Plus (O+) pure recreational oxygen. Whether you're away for business or pleasure, travel can knock the wind right out of you. O+ oxygen helps combat the negative effects of travel, jet lag and other exhausting trips by restoring your body's oxygen levels - safely and naturally - to normal, healthy levels. As we often say, "It's not the jet that's lagging. It's you." Each portable canister of O+ oxygen contains pure recreational oxygen for a power-packed pick-me-up whenever and wherever you're starting to lag.

Make O+ oxygen your travel buddy to help:

  • Restore depleted oxygen levels after undergoing air pressure variations
  • Alleviate the effects of travel fatigue and stress
  • Revive from stuffy airplane, and stale or polluted air
  • Stay alert and regain mental focus when you land

When you travel by commercial aircraft, your body's oxygen levels can drop as much as 10 percent, compromising your ability to perform even the simplest mental tasks. That's when Oxygen Plus comes to the rescue. A few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus helps restore your body's oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels, helping to alleviate the most common symptoms of frequent air travel, including fatigue, mental fogginess and physical exhaustion. Keep the compact, energy-packed O+ Mini in your travel pack for an on-the-go boost before, during or after all your adventures.

Oxygen Plus products are designed to be exceptionally durable and travel-friendly. For example, each O+ Skinni canister weighs just 0.3 pounds and measures about 8 inches tall, making it a smart choice for stashing a quick pick-me-safe in your glove box or weekend bag. Our refillable flagship product -- the O+ Elevate Pack - also takes up minimal space in your luggage. Added bonus: All O+ canisters are disposable, made of recyclable aluminum and are recyclable after use.

Can I Take Oxygen on a Plane?

Unfortunately, at this time, oxygen is not allowed on commercial airplanes within the U.S.. Although commercial airline passengers are currently unable to pack canned recreational oxygen in checked or carry-on luggage, Oxygen Plus has solutions to ensure you always have access to your trusted travel mate. We can ship your O+ recreational oxygen directly to your destination - if it's not already waiting for you in your hotel's spa, restaurant or minibar. Oxygen Plus can ship to most destination worldwide.



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