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April 27, 2022

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  • On episode two of 'We're Not Blowing Hot Air,' Dr. Sarah Petrich in the O+ house! A Doctor of Physical Therapy, national educator, and expert in alignment, movement and breathing, Dr. Sarah imparts her knowledge about the body, movement and breath, and even shares a “hot take” on one of today’s most popular, yet misunderstood, breathing techniques: belly breathing. Plus, Dr. Sarah reveals her new Oxygen Plus video series for better breathing, and how she helped the O+ team learn and teach how to best breathe O+ oxygen! Learn more about your best breath on this mindful episode of ‘We’re Not Blowing Hot Air.’

    Dr. Sarah Petrich, PT, DPT, PRC, NCPT, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy certified in Postural Restoration® and the Pilates Method. Co-founder of Re-Balance Pilates, Dr. Sarah offers a multi-system approach to re-balancing asymmetrical alignment, movement patterns and the breath. Dr. Sarah practices both online and in-person through www.SarahPetrich.com and at Studio U in Minneapolis, MN.

    Follow Dr. Sarah Petrich on Instagram @drsarahpetrich and on Twitter @SarahPetrich.

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