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March 30, 2022

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  • On the first episode of Season Two of 'We’re Not Blowing Hot Air,' we talk shop with Madison Packer – a hockey player from the National Women’s Hockey League*, with a reputation for her work ethic – on and off the ice. Get ready to be inspired by this fearless athlete, friend, wife, mom, and mental health advocate.

    *The NWHL is now the Premier Hockey Federation or the PHF.

    About the podcast:

    'We’re Not Blowing Hot Air' is a podcast – powered by Oxygen Plus (O+) – featuring amazing athletes and inspiring wellness-minded individuals who share how they elevate their everyday lives. Co-hosts Lauren Carlstrom and Ben Johnson broadcast monthly from O+'s worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Share, follow, rate and review 'We're Not Blowing Hot Air' wherever you podcast, so more people can elevate their everyday lives with Oxygen Plus.#oxygenplus#werenotblowinghotair

    Produced by Lauren Carlstrom and Heidi Norman | Music and Audio Engineering by Scott Deming

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