S2EP3 - Trailblazing College Track Star, John Loeffel, Goes the Distan - Oxygen Plus

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June 01, 2022

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  • John Loeffel – the star college track runner from Seton Hall University in New Jersey, whom Oxygen Plus partnered with through the sports agency, MarketPryce – shares his path to success in long distance and cross-country running. He also drops a few vital lessons about persevering in sports and life in the face of major health and personal challenges. Co-hosts, Ben and Lauren, get into it with this all-around cool, inspiring student athlete, chit-chatting about mental health, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, getting up early, and not letting negative wizards prevent you from achieving your goals. We love it because John also shares how he uses O+ oxygen: To help recover after a long run, and to speed up recovery in between running intervals! Coached by legendary Olympic coach, John Moon, and supported by his amazing family, John’s focus and commitment to wellness will go the distance in encouraging you to get up and face each day, no matter what challenges may come your way.


    About the podcast:

    'We’re Not Blowing Hot Air' is a podcast – powered by Oxygen Plus (O+) – featuring amazing athletes and inspiring wellness-minded individuals who share how they elevate their everyday lives. Co-hosts Lauren Carlstrom and Ben Johnson broadcast monthly from O+'s worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Share, follow, rate and review 'We're Not Blowing Hot Air' wherever you podcast, so more people can elevate their everyday lives with Oxygen Plus.#oxygenplus#werenotblowinghotair

    Produced by Lauren Carlstrom and Heidi Norman | Music and Audio Engineering by Scott Deming

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