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Ultimate Biking Guide - Staying Energized While Biking

March 15, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Biking Guide - Staying Energized While Biking

Breathe in the Scenery & Stay Alert While Cycling

How to Stay Energized While Biking Saddle up for an enjoyable ride when you prepare for any long- or short-distance cycling trip with the help of Oxygen Plus (O+). Your biking time is sacred, and you don't want to waste it by getting too tired too fast. When you're energized and alert during your biking adventures, you'll be able to breathe in all the scenery while cycling safely. You can breathe Oxygen Plus before, during or after your ride. Take a few hits before and while you ride for energy, and take several more breaths after your ride to speed up recovery. For years athletes have used supplemental oxygen to help reduce muscle fatigue (Wilbur). Another benefit of this all-natural energy and recovery tool is that O+ oxygen canisters are loaded with oxygen yet extremely lightweight. So Oxygen Plus is a perfect enhancement tool for serious bikers who care about improving performance while keeping their bike-load light.

Quick Tips to Stay Energized While Cycling

  • Pack a canister of O+ recreational oxygen, such as the O+ Skinni, to improve performance, increase stamina and endurance and speed up recovery time between rides
  • Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks before cycling, as these can actually cause you to slow down and crash before you reach your destination
  • Carry plenty of water and high-protein snacks, such as nuts or protein bars, to keep the mind and body powered
  • Try to prioritize your terrain based on your energy while training; If possible, tackle those up-hill treks at the beginning of your ride before you become drained

Staying Alert While Mountain Biking

If you're getting ready to face a long high-altitude cycle, you'll want to consider packing a canister of Oxygen Plus's pure recreational oxygen in your pack. This pocket-sized pick-me-up provides you with the revitalizing energy your body may lack at higher altitudes, so you can combat symptoms associated with higher elevation and enjoy the summit to the top. In addition to the elevation, the strain of a long, high-impact ride can zap your energy. That's when Oxygen Plus comes to the rescue. Breathing O+ oxygen helps you energize and helps your muscles recover faster by removing excess lactic acid. U.S. Olympic athletes use oxygen in conjunction with high-altitude training to extend workouts and improve performance (Wilbur). Got oxygen?

One of the smartest things you can do before heading out on the open road or trail is to ensure you're mentally clear and energized. Due to a slower reaction time, cycling while fatigued can cause accidents. So rest up, eat healthy and take along your side-effect free oxygen boost so your journey is clear, focused and safe.


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