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Ultimate Running Guide - How to Build Endurance

March 16, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Running Guide - How to Build Endurance

Take that extra mile, like the best Olympic athletes out there, with these endurance-building running tips from Oxygen Plus (O+). Whether you're looking to get on a rugged endurance training regimen or just want some quick tips to extend your performance, Oxygen Plus has some great tips.

Endurance Training for Runners

Run faster and longer by working an endurance training plan. Endurance training comes in many shapes and sizes, while the primary goal remains to help you run for longer periods of time without reducing your speed. A common rule of thumb of endurance training is the 10% rule: You should be increasing your distance by about 10% at each interval. Of course, you want to make sure you take excessive caution when performing any endurance training activities. Know your body, use wisdom, and follow your body's lead.

High-Altitude Training for Runners

Altitude training may seem extreme, but Olympic athletes have used it for years with demonstrative results. Altitude training is the practice of training at a higher elevation, well above sea level - usually at 8,000 feet or more - for an extended period - usually 7+ weeks. The concept behind altitude training is to improve endurance by teaching the body, which is accustomed to operating at sea level, to acclimate to high altitudes so that the body can operate more efficiently on less oxygen. While using less oxygen is the goal of high-altitude training, studies show that U.S. Olympians who train at high altitudes with the help of supplemental oxygen were able to extend their workouts and improve performance (Wilbur). Olympians who lived at a normal altitude trained at higher elevation, simulating the effects of normal altitude with supplemental oxygen. This resulted in a significant improvement in performance for the athletes. Elite athletes who are altitude training can likewise benefit from pure recreational oxygen by using it to acclimatize. Got oxygen?

Quick Tips for Boosting Endurance

  • Spend 10-20 minutes lifting weights after every run
  • Incorporate swimming into your regimen to keep up endurance levels while giving your muscles and joints a much-needed break
  • Breathe O+ pure recreational oxygen before, during and after your run
  • Start small, even if you're a long-term runner, as a single step can make a big different
  • Consider running shorter distances more often as you get started
  • Work on improving your form to improve speed and reduce the likelihood of injury


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