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10 Exercises to Take Your Gym Game to the Next Level

February 06, 2017 2 min read

10 Exercises to Take Your Gym Game to the Next Level

Pump it Up: 10 Exercises to Take Your Gym Game to the Next Level

Boost your gym game with these quick exercises designed to strengthen, tone, boost endurance and restore the body.

  1. Strengthen: Triceps Dip - Use a chair or a medium-height surface to hoist and lower the body. This exercise is great for strengthening the triceps and upper arms.
  2. Strengthen: Bridge - Strengthen the hamstrings, quads and back while opening up your chest with this simple exercise. Lying flat on the floor, push the hips up from the heels. Try not to use (but rather try to relax) the glutes.
  3. Tone: Air Bike - Target the abdominals with the classic air bike exercise. Lying flat on your mat, slowly move through a bicycle pedaling motion, focusing on keeping your hips stable and abs flat while controlling the movement from the core.
  4. Tone: Twisting Windmills - Tone the obliques with the twisting windmill. Lie flat on the floor with your arms extended and then raise and lower your legs to the right and left sides. If this is not comfortable for your lower back, bend you knees to release the pressure.
  5. Tone: Air Squats - Sink deep into a set of air squats if you want a great way to tone and target the quadriceps. Make sure your knees go over (are aligned with) your toes.
  6. Tone: Side Planks - Strengthen and tone your abs, back and core with side planks. Lying on one side while resting on your forearm, lift your hips off the floor and hold for up to 40 seconds. Modify to support your weight as needed.
  7. Endure: Stair Jogs - Take a few passes up and down a flight of stairs if you're looking for a simple way to boost stamina and increase your heart rate.
  8. Endure: Jumping Jacks - Get the heart rate pumping with a round of 20 jumping jacks - with or without your hands - to start or finish off your workout.
  9. Restore: Cat Stretch - Perfect for pre- or post-workout muscle restoration, cat stretch or cat/cow pose helps warm up the spine and take some of the pressure off the lower back.
  10. Restore: Child's Pose - Give the muscles a break after a strenuous workout with child's pose you'd do in your yoga practice. Rest with your knees spread wide and let the head and chest melt over the legs. Breathe deeply, of course.

Be sure to spend ample time stretching and resting - while breathing in Oxygen Plus to help restore and energize - in between activities to ensure that you don't overdo it. These great exercises will help you get into a great workout routine at the gym or at home.

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