Oxygen Plus's Ultimate Gym & Workout Guide

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Oxygen Plus's Ultimate Gym & Workout Guide

January 13, 2017 5 min read

Oxygen Plus's Ultimate Gym & Workout Guide

Exercise Routines: Mixing Things Up

Oxygen Plus is all about helping you maximize your physical prowess, and these unique exercise routines will ensure that you never get bored with the same old weeknight weights and treadmill.

The Beginner's Routine

For those who are just getting into physical fitness, it's important to ease into full-body strength building with plenty of room to rest. Start easy, with three workouts per week. During each session, perform a single exercise per muscle. For example, work your biceps on Monday, your abs on Wednesday and your quads on Friday. Make sure to take ample time to rest, as you'll be sore if you're just starting out.

The Strength & Weight Loss Routine

There's no better way to gradually build muscle (and increase Zen) than by implementing a little bit of yoga into your exercise routine. Twice a week, pair 30 to 40 minutes of cardio (it could be a jog, time spent on the treadmill or an exercise class) with 30 to 40 minutes of strength-building yoga. If you have the time, add a third day of restorative yoga to your routine to help the muscles relax and restore.

The Fun Routine

When you make your weight loss routine fun, you'll be more likely to keep it going. Along with regular strength training, consider swapping out your regular treadmill time or jog with a little bit of Zumba, capoeira or hip-hop dance. For these types of workouts, we recommend shooting for 50 to minutes per session.

The Quick Routine

Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to get to the gym every night. On those days when you're pressed for time, you can do a quick 15-minute anywhere exercise routine to help tighten and tone. Tools like a jump rope or an exercise ball will help you get the most out of your quick workout. If you have an exercise ball, you can do triceps dips, crunches, planks, squats and more wherever you are.

How to Utilize Recreational Oxygen for Fitness

It doesn't matter if you're a competitive weightlifter, a long-distance cycler or a yogi looking for an added boost, pure recreational oxygen is a great way to improve your sport performance. Supplementing your fitness routine with Oxygen Plus can assist with the following:

  • Boost stamina
  • Top off energy levels
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Reduce soreness and fatigue

Breathe O+ products before, during or after your workout to refresh and revitalize with a pocket-sized pick-me-up. O+ is a recreational supplement that helps provide the body with the much-needed pure oxygen it requires to thrive. Intense exercise requires more oxygen to fuel cells, produce energy and aid in muscle recovery. There's a good reason why professional and Olympic athletes have long used supplemental oxygen to restore their depleted blood-oxygen levels and recover from muscle fatigue (Wilbur).

Recreational Oxygen During Exercise

Three or four breaths of O+ oxygen can help restore your body's oxygen to normal, effectively boosting your energy so that you can tackle those tough workouts no matter how tired you are (Moss). If you're feeling depleted of energy, supplemental oxygen can help you push through that extra set of reps or encourage you to get to the gym in the first place, even after an exhausting day.

Recreational Oxygen Post-Exercise

Breathing pure recreational oxygen during and after a workout can also provide the much-needed tools your body needs to quickly recover from muscle fatigue and soreness. Anaerobic exercise can produce high levels of lactic acid, which is highly responsive to supplemental oxygen (Wilbur). Implementing a few breaths of O+ post-workout can help you reach your short- and long-term fitness goals by helping to prevent muscle fatigue. This means you can get back at it the next day – feeling more energized and less sore!

List of Essential Fitness Gear

Having the right fitness gear is an essential part of ensuring that you're able to perform at your best during your next intense workout. Oxygen Plus (O+) recommends tossing pure recreational oxygen — such as the O+ Skinni — to help you combat feelings of fatigue, stress and mental fogginess while encouraging faster muscle recovery post-exercise. Every fitness pack should be equipped with the following: a water bottle to ensure hydration, a media player or smartphone to keep you entertained and inspired, and a workout log so you can easily track your daily performance.

Fitness Gear for the Gym

  • O+ Skinni
  • Moisture-wicking workout pants
  • A moisture-wicking workout top
  • Lightweight sneakers
  • A water bottle
  • A towel
  • Smartphone or media player
  • Headphones
  • Your gym membership card
  • A gym bag
  • Flip-flops for showering
  • A protein bar or shake bottle

Fitness Gear for Working Out at Home

  • O+ Skinni – or a refillable O+ Elevate Pack
  • Moisture-wicking workout pants
  • A moisture-wicking workout top
  • Lightweight sneakers
  • A water bottle
  • A fitness ball
  • A jump rope
  • Free weights/dumbbells
  • A weight bench
  • A barbell and weight plates
  • A yoga mat
  • A resistance band
  • A pull-up bar
  • An exercise bike or treadmill

Fitness Gear for Outdoor Workouts

  • O+ Skinni – or the compact O+ Mini, which is ideal for runners
  • All-terrain running shoes
  • Moisture-wicking pants and bottoms with UPF protection
  • A waterproof, hooded jacket
  • Anti-chafing shorts for cycling
  • Water bottle
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • A belt pack or arm band for stashing your keys, phone, etc.
  • A visor or ball cap to block the sun

Gym Etiquette: What to Do and What to Avoid

Keeping the gym a friendly, hospitable and respectable place for everyone is an important part of being a member. Here are some common gym etiquette tips to help you respect this sacred, shared space.

Keep the Odors Low

An important part of ensuring that the gym is a comfortable place for everyone is to avoid any offensive odors. This not only includes smelly gym clothes and body odors, but also means over-the-top perfume, cologne or body spray that could bother those around you.

Don't Disturb Others

Here's an obvious but important tip: if a fellow gym-goer is wearing his or her headphones, don't initiate conversation. By the same token, avoid making remarks about others' workouts - even if it's harmless and complementary - as it can distract them from their focus. And, it should go without saying, but catcalling at the gym (or anywhere, for that matter) is a major no-no

Be Polite

The key to being a polite gym member is to leave things as you found them or better. When you're done with your weights, make sure to stack them back on the rack just as you found them. After using an exercise machine, it's your duty to spray it down.

Never, ever bring your own Bluetooth speaker or stereo. If you want to listen to music, make sure to use your own headphones and keep the volume at a reasonable level so that others around you can't hear the music. The same goes for using your phone. If you must take a call, step into the locker room and don't use speakerphone

Follow Instructions

Make sure you always use the weight and cardio machines for their intended purpose. For example, just because a weight machine has its own bench doesn't mean it's a place to lounge or curl the dumbbells. There are special weight benches and resting areas scattered around the gym for this reason.


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