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How and Why Athletes Use Oxygen

December 29, 2016 2 min read

How and Why Athletes Use Oxygen

Usage Guidelines

Improve your workouts and competitions by using Oxygen Plus (O+) to refresh and restore fatigued muscles. Breathing supplemental oxygen gives the body a boost of 97 percent recreational oxygen to safely and naturally give your WODs, hikes, competitions and vigorous training an extra edge. Recreational oxygen is the serious athlete’s secret weapon: On-demand oxygen supplementation — before, during or after exertion. When used correctly, O+ can have a profound impact on your power, endurance and recovery.

How to Take a Shot of Oxygen Plus

Understanding how to use Oxygen Plus is crucial if you want to get the best possible results. Since everyone responds differently to supplemental oxygen, you will have to experiment on yourself until you find the specific protocol that gives you the results you desire. Please read through this information carefully and make sure you understand it fully before starting on the product.

The Athlete’s Guide to Using Oxygen Plus

  • Take a normal, deep inhale. (Do not rush or exaggerate your inhale.)
  • As you are inhaling, spray a half second “shot” of oxygen into your mouth or nose.
  • Inhaling regular air along with the oxygen is just part of the process and should not be avoided.
  • If possible, make sure to continue your inhale after you stop spraying the Oxygen Plus so that the concentrated oxygen is taken deeply into your lungs.
  • If you stop inhaling at the same time you stop spraying, much of the concentrated oxygen will be in your mouth or throat where it is useless.
  • Hold briefly (approximately 1 second).
  • Release your breath normally and repeat as necessary.


As you use each canister, the rate that the supplemental oxygen is expelled from the can will decrease due to decreased pressure. As the pressure decreases, you will slowly have to increase the length of each shot to compensate. So by the end of the canister for example, you will need to inhale shots of 1 second or more to get the same effect. Or alternatively, you can just inhale more half-second shots of Oxygen Plus to compensate for the decrease in oxygen being supplied with each shot.

How Oxygen Improves Athletic Performance

In order to see and feel the incredible benefits of using supplemental oxygen to improve your athletic performance, it is crucial to understand the sports science of how oxygen supplementation in athletes works.

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