About OxygenPlus

The story begins

...with two pioneering women.

Sisters to be exact – who, inspired by the negative stigma of medical and supplemental oxygen in our world, wanted to make the world a healthier place to live and breathe. After years of research on the benefits of supplemental oxygen, the Chicago-born, Minnesota-dwelling duo became committed to the mission of educating others and making a tangible difference by creating recreational oxygen products that – unbeknownst to them – would one day lead the new product category.

"Before the creation of Oxygen Plus, many people would associate oxygen with uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing cannulas for sick people," states Christine Warren, Founder and President of Oxygen Plus. "I envisioned the creation of an oxygen product that was sleek, portable, easy to use, and consumer-friendly, and additional inspiration for creating O+ comes from my belief that everybody deserves the right – and access – to breathe well."

In 2003, one of the visionary sisters – a former marriage and family therapist – gathered “a room full of geniuses” together who were the first to believe and proclaim that recreational canned oxygen could be the next bottled water. In that same year, Oxygen Plus, Inc. (O+) was formed and registered as a business in the state of Minnesota. In 2005, its first product the O+ Elevate Pack – was launched, winning the best new product award at the International Spa (ISPA) Convention & Expo in Las Vegas. Ever since, the vision of O+ has remained to be the company leading the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable recreational oxygen for wellness-minded persons worldwide.

Equally important to the company, O+ has supported many individuals and health-and-wellness-related causes in the past, and will continue to do so. The first consumer-friendly recreational oxygen company on the market – and the leader in the category ever since – Oxygen Plus is proud to be regarded as the most innovative, committed, respected recreational oxygen company in the atmosphere.

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The O⁺ Team



whose boots are made for more than just walking, is the Founder and President of O+. When Christine is not tracking the latest opportunity for O+, she might be found meandering the Scottish Highlands, searching for Anasazi ruins in the Southwest, or picking berries in Alaska with the bears.



Bruce is our elevating Sales guru, who has more experience in consumer goods than any powerhouse our industry has ever breathed. An experienced deal-maker with high integrity, Bruce keeps the momentum and direction of O+ burn like wildfire – which just happens to be the color of his toes.



our COO & CMO, dances gracefully and intentionally to any oxygen-infused routine. Lauren dazzles us in her ability to build and strengthen the company both internally and at large. She’s also pretty slick with her hula hooping skills, so we keep a couple of hoops at the O+ HQ.



our air traffic controller, manages the entire office and operations of O+ with a revitalizing air of sophistication and style. An avid athlete and health food aficionado, Alenni thrives on bringing her healthy organizational, team-building spirit that molds her personal life into the work-smart/play-always atmosphere that defines O+.



our super smart, oxygen-charged engineer is perhaps the world’s happiest oxygen expert. A U.S. veteran and family man, Jason’s knowledge is part of the reason Oxygen Plus products are the best on the market. When Jason, speaks, we all listen. He’s kinda like a modern-day Da Vinci.



our miraculous manufacturing prowess, who witnesses have seen walking on water...while being towed behind an in-board motorboat. A cat lover, fitness enthusiast, and champion of the outdoors, Chad diligently brings Oxygen Plus into new atmospheres. Other verified miracles (for possible sainthood status) include Chad's dedication to recycling and being "paperless"



Marie brings laughter and sunshine to O+ while simultaneously keeping our books sparkling fresh and up-to-date. An avid traveler and Harry Potter fan who’s always ready to burst into song, Marie is a life line – and life at O+ wouldn’t be the same without her.



is the strength and backbone of the O+ warehouse – and the reason your O+ oxygen gets to your door. Silver Toes, a.k.a. Doug, is charged with supervising the O+ warehouse with a level of organization and efficiency that rivals the greatest kingdoms of ages past.



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