Oxygen Plus can help you restore, refresh and revitalize anywhere, anytime.

NOTE: O+ Refills are inserted into the re-usable O-Stick dispensing shell. The O-Stick is available, along with two starter O+ Refills, in the O+ Elevate Pack

Perfect for the gym, yoga or Pilates studio, the portable O-Stick and O+ Refill canisters are power-packed with natural energy and recovery to help you work harder and play longer. Each O+ Refill oxygen canister contains more than 50 breaths of pure recreational oxygen, aimed to help you combat stress, tiredness, drowsiness, mental fogginess, the effects of altitude, and a late night out.

O+ Refills - 6-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Refills - 12-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Refills - 54-pack - Oxygen Plus
O+ Elevate Pack - O-Stick &
2 O+ Refills - Oxygen Plus

O+ canned oxygen is the safe, healthy secret weapon for high-energy adventurers, athletes, students, and anyone who wants a caffeine-free boost throughout the day. A few hits of O+ oxygen and you’re on your way back to the top. 

Find the energy and recovery product that fits your lifestyle in the O+ Store.

Oxygen Plus canned oxygen refills are available in 3-packs, 6-packs, 12-packs and 54-packs so you can conveniently stock-up at home, work and play