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O+ Elevate Pack – O-Stick & O+ Refill 6-pack

  • With Oxygen Plus’s flagship O-Stick product and seven (7) O+ Refill canisters in tow, you'll be prepared – at work, home and play – to lock and load, and reload, conveniently and in style for all-natural, on-demand energy and recovery.

    A sustainable, environmentally-conscious, portable oxygen dispensing unit, this starter kit includes the reusable, refillable O-Stick dispensing shell that comes preloaded with an O+ Refill canister. Each O+ Refill oxygen canister offers 50+ breaths (3.42L) of pure oxygen for multiple uses.

    Sleek and easy to use, the O-Stick delivers a steady flow of power-packed O+ oxygen – helping to effectively restore depleted oxygen levels to optimal levels – so you think, feel and perform your best.

    Replacing a canister in the O-Stick is easy. Simply swap out an empty canister for a new canister – it’s just like changing batteries in a flashlight. O+ Refill canisters are 100% recyclable after use. Please empty canister and follow local recycling laws.

    HOW TO BREATHE – With the O-Stick oxygen dispenser in hand, press the easy-pull lever with your thumb and release the flow of oxygen while you inhale – ideally through your nose. 3 to 5 breaths usually does the trick. It just depends on what you’re up to.


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