Oxygen Plus Announces Carbon Neutral Certification With ‘Climate Neutr

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Oxygen Plus Announces Carbon Neutral Certification With ‘Climate Neutral’

November 16, 2022 3 min read

    Oxygen Plus Announces Carbon Neutral Certification With ‘Climate Neutral’


    By Lauren Carlstrom, O+ COO

    As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, I am proud to announce Oxygen Plus (O+) is a certified Carbon Neutral company. We received official notice of certification from Climate Neutral – an organization certifying leading environmental consumer brands like REI and Klean Kanteen – in October 2022. All Climate Neutral Certified brands must meet climate neutrality standards for measuring, offsetting, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused from making and delivering products and services.

    What does it mean for a company to be carbon neutral? 

    When a company is carbon neutral, it means its business activities result in no net effect on the climate system.  In other words, there is not an increased amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere caused by that business.  Carbon dioxide is generated from unchecked human activities, and it can harm the earth and our individual health.  Becoming carbon neutral often involves reductions or removals of residual greenhouse gas emissions.  The result is better air for all living creatures, as well as an intact ozone. Remember that carbon neutrality also helps stem the effects of climate change.1

    Leading brands like Apple – which is on track to become carbon neutral across its entire business by 2030 – sees carbon-neutrality as a vital part of its brand’s future.2

    How is Oxygen Plus carbon neutral?

    Through a certification process, Oxygen Plus met the required climate neutrality standards for measuring, offsetting, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions – and our impact on the environment from the manufacturing and delivery of our pure recreational oxygen products.

    In addition to implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from withinour own operations and supply chain, wealsocompensated for our measured carbon emissionsbyinvesting in projects outside ofour value chain through carbon neutral credits.  In 2022,Oxygen Plus’s carbon neutral credits will support three projects:

    1. An avoided deforestation project in Brazil, called Agrocortex, which aims to preserve and protect some of the most threatened forests (158 tree species) on the planet and is an important biodiversity corridor that connects the Andes to the Amazon; 

    2. A wind energy project in Cheyenne, Oklahoma, called the Dempsey Ridge Wind Project, whose goal is to generate wind energy in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuel energy, and;

    3. An industrial emissions reduction project, called the Honeywell Industrial Processing Emissions Project, whose goal is to reduce emissions by replacing a high-emission blowing agent with a low-emission alternative.

      More details on Oxygen Plus’s carbon neutral certification status can be found on our Brand Profile Page on Climate Neutral’s website.

      Oxygen Plus continues to reduce its impact on the environment by conducting day-to-day business sustainability commitments, including 1) mindfully sourcing components, 2) producing oxygen products in U.S. at a FDA-Registered Facility, and 3) donating 1% of top-line revenue to environmental non-profits, like The Nature Conservancy, that are moving the needle through traceable activities such as sustainable agriculture, ocean clean-up, and tree planting.

      Oxygen Plus is grateful to be part of the solution to our world’s systemic environmental problems. Our company, and each planet- and-people minded O+ team member, sees our world as a gift to protect and honor. We appreciate every human – including our customers who share our values – doing his or her part to create the best possible future for this miraculous planet. Learn more about Oxygen Plus’s ESG commitment on our website: https://www.oxygenplus.com/blogs/oxygen-donates.



      Women-founded and operated since 2003, Oxygen Plus (O+) is the category pioneer and company leading the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable recreational oxygen for wellness-minded people, worldwide. O+ oxygen offers an effective, multi-use, portable alternative for consumers with active, healthy lifestyles seeking natural energy and recovery. The only canned oxygen manufactured and quality-controlled in a clean room environment at an FDA-Registered Facility, O+ guarantees its product reliability and purity in every breath. Elevating from its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oxygen Plus donates 1% of sales to non-profits solving the clean air crisis through its partnership with ‘1% of the Planet,’ fulfilling its mission to make a significant contribution to the well-being of humankind. oxygenplus.com



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