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Ultimate Roadtrip Guide

June 21, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Roadtrip Guide

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide

When it's summer, it's time to hit the open road. Whether you're heading on a thousand-mile cross-country journey or planning a quick weekend getaway, Oxygen Plus is here to help you make the most of it!

The Best Road Trip Apps

  • GasBuddy- If you're looking for a simple way to calculate how much your road trip will cost, use the GasBuddy app's trip calculator. This handy feature lets you calculate your fuel costs for trips based on the distance, gas prices and the year and model of your car. It will also help you find the cheapest gas when you're on the go.
  • Roadside America- The all-American road trip isn't complete without a few stop-offs at quirky locations - the world's largest ball of yarn is a must - and Roadside America will help you get there with ease. Simply set your location and you'll see a list of stop-worthy nearby attractions.

  • Google Maps -The debate about which map app is best is a heated one, and we're in the Google Maps camp, with Waze coming in at a close second for long-distance jaunts. Google Maps now allows you to download areas and navigate offline, so make sure you do that before you depart in case you enter a no-service area.

What to Pack to Stay Alert

  • O+ Pure Recreational Oxygen - One of the most important parts of ensuring that you get to your destination safe and sound is to stay awake, alert and focused on the road. Oxygen Plus makes on-the-go oxygen canisters that provide you with a big-time boost so you don't zone out when you need to stay present while you drive.


  • Fuel for the Body- In addition to Oxygen Plus, consider packing some nuts, fresh fruit and high-protein snacks so you're not tempted to load up on energy-zapping road food. If you're limited to truck stop fare, stick to healthier options, such as almonds and beef jerky. Many gas stations also offer high-protein Greek yogurt in the cooler.
  • The Ultimate Playlist - Although the best road trips are the ones where you're not counting mile markers, sometimes you need a little something extra to keep you cruising on the open road. If you're planning on heading to rural areas with limited service, put your favorite music and podcasts on CDs or to download them onto your phone.

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