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Ultimate Camping Guide - Cooking Guide

May 24, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Camping Guide - Cooking Guide

Essential Camping Cooking Supplies, Methods and Tips

Cooking meals while camping can be a challenge, but it's much easier if you plan ahead. There are different ways that you can successfully cook over an open fire to create delicious meals. Bringing the right tools and supplies and knowing what you're going to cook can make camp cooking low-stress and fun. Here are the supplies you'll need and some helpful tips to elevate your next camping experience.

Essential Cooking Supplies for Camping

Whatever you decide to cook on your camping trip, there are certain things you'll most certainly need. This includes matches and lighter fluid. Bring a medium or large pot, a frying pan, plenty of heavy-duty aluminum foil and a portable grilling grate that can be used over an open fire pit. Don't forget tongs and a spatula. With these simple items, you can cook many different foods such as pasta, beans, eggs and bacon.

Methods for Open-Fire Cooking

There are various easy ways to cook over an open fire. The simplest method is to wrap items in heavy-duty aluminum foil and toss them onto hot coals. You'll have to keep a close eye on everything, but it's a great way to cook foods at a high heat. You can also put a grate over the fire, as you would with your backyard grill. This will take longer, since the food is further away from the heat. Stews, pasta and soups can be cooked over hot coals in a pot or pan.

Campground Cooking Tips

To make campground cooking easier, measure all your ingredients before you leave home and put each item in a labeled plastic bag. Prepare chili, stews and soups ahead of time, keep them fresh in a cooler and reheat for a fast meal after a busy day. Use heavy duty aluminum foil for both cooking and storage. Freeze meat before putting it in the cooler, as it will stay fresher for longer and will keep other foods cold. When cooking outdoors, cover pots to speed up the process. This also keeps bugs and dirt out (Camp Cooking Tips).

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