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Ultimate Camping Guide: Pro Tips

April 18, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Camping Guide: Pro Tips

Camping Pro Tips: Camp like an Expert

Whether you're a longtime camper with expert-level survival skills or a novice in need of some advice for your first camping trip, it's Oxygen Plus (O+) to the rescue. The first rule of camping is the same as the Scout Motto: "Be prepared." The second rule of camping - one that'll be familiar to any lifelong camper out there - is to leave the campsite better than you found it. Reference our various camping pro tips for some useful insights to take with you the next time you pitch a tent. Got oxygen?

Camping Tips for Safety

  • Emphasize Shelter – Always make sure you have serious shelter to keep you protected from the elements. That goes for your physical canopy (your tent and sun shade, for example) but also includes hats, sunglasses and UV-blocking apparel.
  • Be Careful with Fire – If there's ever a time when playing with fire is OK, it's while you're camping (safely, of course). Always keep your open flames well-contained in a fire pit and use designated camping fire starters if needed. Don't travel across state lines with firewood.
  • Lighten Up – Put these items on the top of your camping list: an LED headlamp and flashlights. When camping, you'll spend a lot of time in the dark, whether it be around the campfire or on late-night beach walks. Proper lighting is key.
  • Pack an Emergency Kit – Even if you're a glamper traveling via RV, it's essential that you have a camping emergency kit on hand with first-aid items, flares, matches and medication.

Camping Tips for Comfort

  • Power Up – If you're a modern-day camper, you can make sure you have the proper powering for your devices with a solar-powered USB charger to charge your phone and other essentials. If you're camping on an electric site, extension cords are a must.
  • Make it Cozy – If you have the extra cargo space, don't be afraid to pack items that focus on your comfort, like your down pillows, an air mattress and an electric fan.
  • Pack More Than What You Need – This rule is especially useful for firewood. Generally speaking, you should multiply the amount of firewood you'll need by three to ensure that you have enough warmth at night.

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