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Ultimate Running Guide - Running Safety Guide

March 22, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Running Guide - Running Safety Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual jogger or a serious marathoner, you need to be clued into essential runner’s safety information before you head out on any run. Oxygen Plus (O+) recommends keeping in mind the following tips to avoid potential dangers such as car accidents, bike accidents and injuries while running.

Running into the Sunset

  1. Stay Alert — Got oxygen? One of the simplest ways to keep your mind clear and hyper-engaged during runs is to equip it with pure oxygen. O+ recreational oxygen can help keep you focused on the road and your body so that you’re able to quickly respond to your surroundings and make lightning-fast decisions that keep you safe.
  2. Run Against Traffic — It’s an age-old rule, but one that’s still as important as ever. When you run against traffic, you get a clear view of the automobiles before you and get extra time to react than you would if you were dealing with traffic behind you. This also gives motorists the chance to make more room for you.
  3. Skip the Headphones — This is a tough one, especially for runners training for long-distance marathons or working on endurance. You need all of your senses to in-focus while you run, especially your ears. You’ll be able to hear traffic and other dangers better when you leave the headphones at home.
  4. Run with a Pal — If possible, try to adhere to the buddy system, especially if you’re running in high-traffic areas or low-lit trails. If you don’t have a good friend to go running with you, take the dog!
  5. Wear Hi-Vis Clothing — A big part of running safety is doing everything you can to make sure you stick out to motorists and cyclists. Wear high-visibility running clothes in neon colors like bright orange or yellow to ensure that you’re in clear vision of traffic. If running at night, invest in a headlamp and reflector clothing to ensure visibility in the dark.

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