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Ultimate Running Guide - Oxygen Use Guide from Sprints to Marathons

March 22, 2017 2 min read

Ultimate Running Guide - Oxygen Use Guide from Sprints to Marathons

Got oxygen? Breathing Oxygen Plus (O+) pure recreational oxygen is a great way to help boost your running performance. Whether you’re heading off on a short afternoon run or training for a marathon, recreational oxygen has been proven to help athletes with endurance training and muscle recovery. Here are some additional ways recreational oxygen can push you through your next big run:

  • Increase stamina, power and endurance
  • Speed up recovery of your muscles after an intense workout
  • Reduce the soreness caused from lactic acid
  • Enhance mental focus and lower your heartrate
  • Stay energized and alert going that extra mile

Recreational Oxygen: The Extra Edge in Marathoning

Sprinter at Starting Line

Serious runners know the brain and body need the right amount of energy to thrive. In fact, a 2015 study proved that elite Kenyan runners have greater brain oxygenation during running, which could account for their ability to perform better during long-distance runs (Cerebral Oxygenation). When you’re taking on a 26.2-miler, you’ve got to be prepared for a dip in oxygen. Breathing O+ oxygen before, during and after your run can help keep your brain – and body – fully oxygenated for better sport performance and faster recovery.

Recreational Oxygen: A Pocket-Sized Boost Sprinters

Getting ready to take on a high-stakes sprint? O+ can help. Here’s how: A runner sprinting a 40-yard dash, for example, is most likely not focusing on breathing and in turn not absorbing as much oxygen as is required for peak performance. Loading up with pure, recreational oxygen before and after you sprint can keep your mind and body well-fueled when breathing isn’t at the forefront of your mind.


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