Why Oxygen Plus Makes the Perfect Holiday Buzz

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Why Oxygen Plus Makes the Perfect Holiday Buzz

December 15, 2018 3 min read

Why Oxygen Plus Makes the Perfect Holiday Buzz

Lauren Carlstrom, O+ Team Member | 

What to buy? What to wear? How to keep that holiday cheer? Those are the questions bouncing around my head during “the most wonderful time of the year.” The season’s demand for bringing a gift to parties raises another quandary. To date, I’ve never disappointed when bringing a canister of Oxygen Plus to a holiday party.

Oxygen Plus pure recreational oxygen is the perfect host or hostess gift. I’ve placed an O+ Biggi in a wine bottle sack (the ones with the pull-string on top) or in a bag with tissue and a bow for a more elegant presentation. I’ve also snuck in a purse filled with O+ Skinni for a more relaxed holiday shindig. All times, the O+ oxygen was a hit. I’ll share why I think why…and then maybe you’ll want to give it a go.

Recover from Late Nights, Alcohol, Travel and Exercise with Oxygen Plus

Oxygen Plus is popular for those who work and play hard. Alcohol, travel, long day, late nights and exercise can all impact a person’s oxygen levels. When this happens, fatigue and sluggishness can creep in. That’s when Oxygen Plus comes to the rescue. A boost of Oxygen Plus helps you feel more like you again by restoring depleted oxygen levels to optimal levels. Studies prove that your mind will be sharp (Moss et. al., 1998) and your body will have the pure, all natural, side effect-free energy you need to get through any season.

Why Oxygen Plus Doesn't Disappoint: It's Science

The reason oxygen is often administered in hospitals, oxygen bars and “IV clinics” for the over-consumption of alcohol is because oxygen helps break down alcohol into harmless chemicals, which allows your body to more readily dispose of them. While it won’t help with the dehydration effect of alcohol consumption, it can alleviate some of the immediate effects and help speed up recovery (O+ Oxygen Research).

FYI, the reason people pass out or black out from alcohol consumption is directly related to a high quantity of alcohol in the body, which causes either blood sludging or desaturation, ultimately depriving the brain of the oxygen it needs to stay turned on and function properly (Sheahan).

Further, like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol interferes with the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, and makes cells, tissues and organs unable to function properly. This occurs because alcohol in the bloodstream causes red blood cells to clump together (the clinical term is “blood sludging”), blocking the small blood vessels from delivering oxygen to cells, tissues and organs that's needed to properly function (Sheahan). That’s why – if your bloodstream is flowing with alcohol – supplementing with pure recreational oxygen can help mitigate the oxygen-absorption challenge by providing and delivering more oxygen to the body.

So, O+ helps to 1) disperse alcohol’s chemicals for a more speedy recovery, 2) restore oxygen levels to optimal levels for optimal brain performance, and 3) improve oxygen absorption for top functionality of the body. That’s the science behind Oxygen Plus’s pre- and post-party power. 

Oxygen Plus Helps You Stand Out In A Crowd

Bringing canned oxygen to your host, hostess or party-goers isn’t the only reason Oxygen Plus makes the perfect holiday buzz. It also helps you stick out from the crowd. I mean, how many decent bottles of wine are really remembered?

And did I mention O+ oxygen is a wonderful ice-breaker or conversation starter? I’ll confess I have been approached by many curious strangers solely on the basis of the noise coming out of the oxygen canister and being sucked through my nose. In that way, Oxygen Plus has served me like my puppy sometimes does: By helping me meet new (usually wellness-minded) people.

Psst…For a little boost of Oxygen Plus, try the O+ Mini as a stocking stuffer!



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