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O-Stick - Reusable Dispensing Shell for O+ Refills - Oxygen Plus

  • A nice back-up in case your first O-Stick gets smudged from your latest trek up Mount Everest.

    Oxygen Plus's O-Stick is a reusable and refillable oxygen-dispensing shell.  Offering a steady flow of oxygen (an O+ Refill offer 50+ breaths of pure recreational oxygen), it's chic, portable and lightweight.  A perfect pair for yoga, a HIIT workout, or for natural energy and recovery work and home.  Part of a 100% sustainable option for breathing recreational oxygen, O+ Refill canisters are fully recyclable after use.

    If - when pushing the actuator the oxygen flow stops flowing - the canister is depleted (the oxygen is empty). Simply load in a fresh O+ Refill. It's so easy to reload, it's just like changing batteries in a flashlight.  

    O+ Refills are recyclable and available in 6-packs, 12-packs and 54-packs.

    An unfilled O-Stick weighs ~ 0.2 lbs. (77 gr.). An O-Stick that's loaded with a full canister weighs ~.27 lbs (124 gr.).

    Pick up your back-up O-Stick for yourself or a friend today!


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