O+Elevate PackElevate Pack

Elevate energy, increase alertness, and recover from a workout, stressful day or night on the town. Oxygen Plus’s beloved O+ Elevate Pack, which comes with the O-Stick dispensing shell and two insertable O+ Refills, is the perfect starter kit for first-time or seasoned recreational oxygen users.

Perfect for home, work and play, Oxygen Plus's proprietary O-Stick technology, which delivers a steady flow of pure oxygen with an easy-pull trigger, is your secret weapon to conquer life - one breath at a time.

O+ Elevate Pack - O-Stick &
2 O+ Refills - Oxygen Plus
O+ Bundle - O+ Elevate Pack &
iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Featuring a reusable, refillable O-Stick dispensing shell and two starter O+ Refills - each with more than 50 deep breaths of pure recreational oxygen, the power-packed O+ Elevate Pack is all you need to enhance your energy levels, combat daily fatigue and conquer the day with clarity and peace of mind when you're on the go.