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O+ Skinni – Single Canister – 3.42 Liters, 50+ Breaths Per Canister

  • Take a deep breath from an O+ Skinni from Oxygen Plus.

    Each O+ Skinni canister contains more than 50 deep breaths of pure recreational oxygen. Standing tall and trim at just over 8”, you can cleverly slip it into your ski jacket or back pack.

      • How to Use the O+ Skinni:

        Man breathing Skinni
        • Exhale.
        • Position opening near mouth or nose.
        • Press tilt-back top with index finger or thumb.
        • Breathe in O+.
        • 3 to 5 breaths usually does the trick. It just depends on what you’re up to.
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        Oxygen Plus (O+) products, which contain 99.5% pure recreational oxygen, are manufactured in a clean room at a FDA-registered facility. Each canister is sourced from North and South America and every O+ product is assembled, quality-controlled and filled in the U.S.A. and is 100% recyclable after use.


        Oxygen Plus (O+) products are intended for recreational, intermittent use only, not to be used as medical nor life-saving products. People with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with their physician prior to using O+ products. O+ products are for recreational, intermittent use only. Prolonged use is defined as uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours.

        O+ is safe for healthy people of all ages when using the product as directed. As the canister is pressured with a compressed, oxidizing gas, it is recommended that children use it with adult supervision as a safety precaution.

        Since O+ is not a medical product or intended for medical use, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA.

        When using Oxygen Plus (O+) products, please observe these precautions:

        • Oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion and flame.
        • Do not use or store O+ canisters near flames, sparks, heat, fuels or combustible material.
        • Canister temperature should not exceed 49 C (120 F).
        • Do not use if damaged.
        • Use only as directed.

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