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Product of the week

May 21, 2013 2 min read

    Product of the week

    Reader review: This is such a cool and different product. When I initially started using it I didn’t really notice a big difference. Then the humidity came, OMG. The air was so heavy and thick it was incredible. I decided to use the Oxygen a couple times and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I was dragging and tired, within a few minutes and a couple of puffs I felt so much better. I can’t stress how much better I felt all from a puff of O2. I think these are perfect for anyone who has allergies, travels, is on the go or just wants a natural boost.

    It’s not like we are breathing 90% O2. I will continue to use and pass on the word of what a cool product this is. I also handed a trail size off to my aunt who has Asthma and she too took a puff and felt relieved.. So no matter what the condition or just for the purity of the product it’s a good investment. The cartridge lasts a long time too. I am sending this along with my hubby on his next business trip to see if it gives him a nice natural boost too. So even though I don’t have allergies or trouble breathing this works wonders. Now I know even though I take puffs and may not feel completely energized, I know my body is reaping all the benefits.
    – CaKeDoO

    Reader review: I want to confirm how great this product is. It is amazing how much better I felt almost immediately. The air was so oppressive and thick that it was very difficult to really breathe easily. I actually turned down an opportunity to try to photograph some ocean views as my chest was so tight from my the air. Normally I would never turn down such an opportunity. I have been taking allergy medication for years but recently discovered that I have asthma as well. I do have prescription inhalers and foolishly did not take one as I did not hear humidity in the forecasts. A few whiffs of this and it was remarkable. I could breathe much easier and my lungs must have felt better as the tightness I had been experiencing disappeared. This could be a real Life Saver. I would highly recommend it!!
    – Sheba

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