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Oxynate at Mall of America® & Oxygen Plus® Team to Offer Minnesota Shoppers Means To Breathe Easy This Holiday Season

May 21, 2013 3 min read

    Oxynate at Mall of America® & Oxygen Plus® Team to Offer Minnesota Shoppers Means To Breathe Easy This Holiday Season

    No need to shop ‘til you drop. If you’re part of the staggering 77% of Americans who cite “lack of energy” as a top health concern, you may find Christmas shopping surprisingly revitalizing at Mall of America® this holiday season. In addition to the convenience of an indoor, one-stop shopping experience, the MOA also offers a refreshing way to restore your energy level at Oxynate – “the world’s best oxygen bar!”

    Breathing supplemental oxygen replenishes your blood oxygen level, improving your cognitive performance and helping you feel more alert and energetic.
    At MOA, Oxynate complements its restorative oxygen experience with aromatherapy, a relaxing massage in a Shiatsu massage chair and reviving beverages. Convenient and affordable at just $20 a session, the 20-minute “spa-like” experience lets you revitalize and momentarily tend to yourself while you’re shopping for others and navigating the sometimes stressful holiday hustle and bustle.

    While you’re catching your breath at the oxygen bar, you will likely discover the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer. Oxygen Plus® (O+) hand-held, portable 95% recreational oxygen products contain more “breaths for your buck” than any other canned oxygen in the atmosphere. Sleek, compact, light weight, and push-button easy to use, O+’s flagship product – The Elevate PackTM, featuring the O+ ShellTM and refills – is so simple to use and replace it’s just like changing batteries in a flashlight. The Elevate Pack makes a unique, attractive, thoughtful gift for the friend who’s a frequent traveler or the family member who’s headed on a mountain ski trip – among others who need a refreshing boost of O2.

    To help spread the holiday spirit, Oxygen Plus is exhaling a special online holiday promotion on all Pink Grapefruit flavored products now through December 31, 2011. To take advantage of this limited-time 50% off product discount, simply visit www.oxygenplus.com, click through to the O+ Store, and enter promo code O+PINKHOLIDAY during the checkout process.

    So you can breathe easy this holiday season, Minnesotans and out-of-state shoppers. Visit MOA and replenish with a few deep breaths of enriched oxygen so you can float through the season feeling invigorated and more alert the natural, no calorie, no caffeine, no crash way.

    Mall of America is the nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex. At 4.2 million square feet, MOA is home to more than 520 world-class shops; Nickelodeon Universe®, the nation’s largest indoor family amusement park; SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium, a 1.2 million gallon walk- through aquarium; Moose Mountain Adventure Golf; Theatres at Mall of America® – a 14-screen movie theater with VIP theatre and more. The Mall opened in August of 1992 and is located in Bloomington, Minn., just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Follow Mall of America on Facebook and Twitter or visit our blog.

    Oxynate is a recreational oxygen bar that specializes in providing a unique, relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Located in the world famous Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, since 2005, Oxynate provides top-notch total comfort and relaxation of the body, mind, soul and
    environment along with great customer support. Through its commitment, experience, and expertise, Oxynate has established a business relationship with its customers which aims to last a lifetime. Visit Oxynate on the 3rd Floor, East Side (E356) of the Mall of America or online at www.oxynate.com.

    Elevating from their headquarters in Minnetonka, MN, Oxygen Plus, Inc. (O+) is leading the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable, recreational oxygen for wellness-minded persons worldwide. O+’s flagship product – the Elevate PackTM, featuring the O+ ShellTM and refills – contains 100+ breaths of 95% pure, recreational oxygen. Elegant and lightweight, the O+ MiniTM and O+ SkinniTM are, respectively, the smallest and tallest recreational oxygen products in the world – with “the most breaths for your buck” of any other canned recreational oxygen of comparable size. All O+ products are available in a variety of refreshing flavors. Elevate yourself at www.oxygenplus.com and follow O+ on Facebook and Twitter.

    Any person with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with his or her physician prior to using O+ products. O+ products are intended for recreational, intermittent use only, not to be used as medical or life-saving device.

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    • Air pollution, traveling to a higher elevation and breathing stale air that has less than the normal 20-21% oxygen are some of the conditions that can reduce blood oxygen levels.
    • At cruising altitude, airline cabins have lower-than-normal air pressure and oxygen levels. Blood oxygen saturation during commercial flights can be 5%–10% lower than normal.

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