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“Oxygen in a Can" meets NHL 4 Golf?

July 21, 2014 4 min read

    “Oxygen in a Can" meets NHL 4 Golf?

    NHL All-Star Tyler Seguin hosted the 6th Annual TFP (The Fourth Period) Charity Golf Classic. Todd Shapiro was on-site doing his show and interviewing many of the NHL players who made appearances. The focus of the charitable event was the Derrek Moseychuk fund. Derrek, longtime friend of Tyler, became quadriplegic after a motor vehicle accident in 2012. The fund was established to generate funds for his medical and other long-term care needs.

    There were a couple of products introduced to the athletes at the event. One was a cool pair of sandals made with skate laces, called SummerSkates – check them out! I am just breaking in my new pair of SummerSkates. Another high-interest product introduced at this event to the NHL players and other attendees, was Oxygen Plus’ line of recreational oxygen canisters. 95% Pure Oxygen Canisters are great for recovery in workout and sports. As soon as Oxygen Plus was being sampled by the players, it became the center of attention, until the dinner and auction, of course!

    A professional speed skater recognized what the product could do and quickly grabbed a sample of the New Skinni Canadian Sport. He mentioned that he had heard and seen folks using this product after putting the severe strain on their muscles that is common during speed skating. He grabbed a few and commented about introducing them to his training team.
    Todd Shapiro from the Todd Shapiro Show was quoted on air as saying “I love this shit!” and “Oxygen in a can, what a great idea!”

    It was mentioned on Todd’s show that the product is available through Newegg.ca, OxygenPlus.ca and TheOxygenStore.ca now. Through Newegg.ca and OxygenPlus.ca, it sells at 25% Off with the Promo Code DREAMS until the end of July.

    Oxygen Factor, which is a brand that can be bought through TheOxygenStore.ca, claims to give 61% average rep increase in squat tests using crossfit athletes.

    Recently, Motorcycle Racer Cal Collins took 1st place at the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and attributed the success to the oxygen canister brand.

    “Oxygen Factor was the advantage that I needed to win this year. From helping me deal with the early mornings and high elevations, to giving my body an abundance of oxygen before the strenuous race, I can say that I’ll be keeping a few cans of Oxygen Factor ready for my next race.” – Cal Collins

    Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars, the host of the event, took a sample in his pocket and commented how cool it is.

    Devante Smith-Pelly of the Anahiem Ducks took home a sample and wanted to test it out at his next workout.

    Chris Parsons, Global Marketing Senior Director for Newegg was on air with Todd Shapiro talking about Newegg’s great customer service and the growing assortment Newegg has through its Marketplace. He mentioned the partnership with this unique product line that had just launched 3 months ago in Canada.

    Excerpts taken from the Play + Exercise section of OxygenPlus.ca, which also contain a YouTube video – link:

    Pro athlete or workout junkie?

    O+ 95% recreational oxygen gives that extra edge. Breathe O+ oxygen to:
    • Increase stamina and help muscles recover faster from fatigue.
    • Top off your energy level with some fortified breaths before, during or after an intense workout.
    • Help your body recover after vigorous exercise – especially workouts that produce lactic acid.
    Tyler’s agent, John Walters tried it, gave the head nod and said “this product is great.”

    Although Tyler was going to try it later, his agent really enjoyed the product and it’s effects.
    A manager with ties to UFC training grabbed hand-fulls of the product (6+ cans) to take back to the training camp. He had originally been given one, but kept thinking up more people to give it to and become very passionate about the product, to the point where he requested about a dozen business cards from Newegg, in order to introduce this product to his connections.

    The interest from the NHL players prompted great participation from other attendees, who were not even there for the charity event. Two gentlemen on their way to tee off asked to try a couple of samples and drove off in their golf cart. Not only were the NHL players enthused, but the Pro Shop also wanted a sample, after seeing the high demand.

    Rangers’ Michael Del Zotto was enthused about it stating “Great Product!” and asking “Where can I buy this?”.

    On top of the sites mentioned before, it is also available through 2nd Wind Oxygen Bars. The list of locations has been expanding after being made available through Newegg.ca. O+ is also now available through Shop.ca and Amazon.ca. The company has confirmed upcoming launches for sale through two other websites. As well, they are in discussions for in-store sales.
    This will make for an interesting case study of how online Marketplaces can drive overall online business and branding, which coupled with live events, can lead into other distribution channels, like Brick ‘n Mortar.

    Looking forward to the outcome of the interest generated with NHL players. Keep up the great charity work, Tyler!

    Breathe Easy Canada!

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