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Is “Recreational” Oxygen the Next Luxury Commodity?

January 03, 2016 2 min read

    Is “Recreational” Oxygen the Next Luxury Commodity?

    High-end spas at luxury hotels may have tapped a growing trend through the placement of Oxygen Plus canisters as portable oxygen becomes more popular. As affluent consumers are increasingly discerning when it comes to holistic measures of health and wellness, and as pollution levels spike in cities such as Beijing, bottled oxygen is becoming commonplace. Although time is often referred to as the only true luxury commodity available, pure oxygen may soon replace in-demand spare time as a must-have.

    Breathe right

    Oxygen Plus, referred to as O+, is a “recreational” oxygen product that provides users with 95 percent pure oxygen in a stylish purse and pocket-sized canisters. Users can rely on Oxygen Plus to breathe when oxygen levels are poor due to pollution, diminished air quality and stress from daily life.

    The canisters are filled and monitored for quality in the United States, and support a wellness mindset that extends from oxygen facials to oxygen bars.

    Celebrity influencers such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have been known to use oxygen recreationally to increase vitality, recover more quickly from ailments and improve focus and mental clarity.

    Nicknamed the “Evian of the air industry,” Oxygen Plus is also used by international travelers who are concerned with the air quality in certain destinations. Locals are also at risk of pollution as well, as is evident in Beijing, as the city implemented a “red alert” for “choking” smog.
    As of press time, Oxygen Plus is carried at a number of luxury and high-end hospitality brand properties. These include multiple W Hotels worldwide, including W Hong Kong and the spas of The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency, Starwood, Marriott and Hilton.

    As consumers have become more health-conscious and aware of what they put into their bodies, hospitality brands have responded with wellness programming.

    or instance, The Peninsula Hotels combined Western and Eastern health philosophies to relaunch its wellness programs across all properties.

    Redirecting attention to the program will open a wellness center, focus on sleep patterns of stressed guests, create a spa experience focused on natural products, offer massage opportunities and provide healthy dining options. The surge of healthy lifestyle options across Peninsula properties will reflect upon the brand’s dedication to guests and their lifestyle choices.

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